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The ZZVolution.

What do you think is the superior method?

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Feb 8, 2017
For OH: lower movecount, better ergonomics (at least half of F2L is <RU> and the other bit is <zRU>) and easy to force 2GLL if you're semi serious, full ZBLL if you're serious. For the semi serious people, just learn CPLS and do a few hundred solves and then you have a very good LSLL that's only 2 moves more than insert->ZBLL and is definitely better than insert->OLL->PLL or insert->CPEOLL->2GLL.
Talking about official OH is just like talking about official 2H. No one has actually practiced ZZ and you're using anecdotal evidence (which is not strong evidence at all) to suggest that it's therefore worse. Which simply isn't true and even if it is, you're gonna need stronger evidence. Same with the Hyeon situation. He used CFOP for a long time, switched to ZZ (and not the best ZZ), switched back and said that CFOP was faster because he had used it for several years before switching to ZZ.
I mean theoretic stuff is cool and all but until I see the numbers I’m definitely not going to believe ZZ is superior to cfop for anything other than fmc and maybe feet :p