one handed

  1. H.E's a cuber

    OH cube size.

    This is a little test to find out the exact OH cube size that would be right for you! Find out in just 2 minutes
  2. Generoup

    Check My One Handed OLL

    This is My OH OLL, I hope be helpful
  3. TorbinRoux

    [Unofficial] 22.15 One Handed Average of 12

    I got a couple sub-20 singles while doing the Sunday Contest, so I figured I'd post this. Pretty happy about it:) Any advice?
  4. Minnesotacubes

    [Unofficial] 18.47 OH solve

    I was testing out my gopro and on my second solve I got this. It was a hand scramble but still one of my best ever. Really fun to get on cam.
  5. CuberRiley

    Best Cube for 3x3 OH (One Hand) Solving?

    Hey all! I'm looking for a good small 3x3 for competition speed solving. I am 12 years old, so my hands are a bit small, but I can't decide between the mini MoYu Aoulong (54.5 mm), Mini ZhanChi (50 mm), or Mini MoYu Weilong (54.5 mm). Thanks!!! Riley
  6. C

    [AsR] Bhargav Narasimhan 13.00 OH average Bhargav Narasimhan broke AsR average for 3x3x3 OH at Tatva Cube Open in Kozhikode,Kerala,India. He also holds AsR single for OH.This average puts him at #5 in the world, Very well-deserved! (also, 10.45 single) link:
  7. andrewlecubes

    One Handed Main Speedcubes?

    Just curious of what people have to say about their main oh cubes. I will just put regular names of cubes, but please specify the size in a thread post. I am actually trying to pick one, probably in between mini weilong v2 and mini shuangren.
  8. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] OH 5x5 Solve!
  9. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] First OH 4x4 Attempt

    I might attempt a 5x5 in the future. :D
  10. uvafan

    [Unofficial] 22.22 OH Avg5 With Reconstructions (ZZ Method)

  11. P

    [Unofficial] 28.96 OH Ao5

    Some silly mistakes here and there, but mostly very good. I know full OLL but I'm just not able to do all of them one handed, because they are done with muscle memory, and I don't know exactly what I'm doing.
  12. Bhargav777

    [Unofficial] 14.07 OH ao5 with silly things on cam :P

    I finally found a little bit of time to practice hard :)
  13. K

    [Unofficial] Solving the Pyraminx with one Hand and Drawing Uwe Meffert in the other Hand

    Hello Everyone, Here you can watch a video I am proud of - Solving the Pyraminx and Drawing Uwe Meffert at the Same Time. Sincerely. ~Kitslam
  14. K

    [Unofficial] Juggling 4 Rubik's Cubes the Fun Way!

    Hello Everyone, Two months ago I adopted my Youtube Channel as my primary hobby and interest. I love every minute of it. I'd like to share with you a video that I am really proud of. It captures my sense of humor, collection of hobbies and skills, and is, generally, quite enjoyable to...
  15. P

    [Unofficial] OH Ao12: 37.70, Is this video well made?

    yfrBWeWzSVE&feature=channel&list=UL I have recently started to make cubing videos on youtube, and want them to be somewhat good. So any tips on how to make a video like this better is appreciated. Tips to improve my OH cubing is good too.
  16. antoineccantin

    All of my One-Handed COLLs - Explained and with Recognition

    I hope some of you find this informative and helpful! Even though these COLLs are good for OH, most are great for 2H as well.
  17. C

    Good OH Cubes?

    I'm having trouble finding a good OH cube. I have small hands. The normal 57mm is a little too big. I also don't want to use the zhanchi because it's too fast for OH. Any ideas? here is an OH avg I recorded: Notice there is a lot of realigning.
  18. S

    [Unofficial] Oh Avg of 5 15.10 (13.70 single)

    pretty nice avg :D
  19. MalusDB

    Any One Handed Cubers?

    Obviously there are OH solvers, but what I mean is are there any cubers who actually only have one hand? I know a guy (he doesn't cube) who was born with only 1 hand. Does anybody know of any cubers like this?