1. Cubinwitdapizza

    The ZZVolution.

    This is a super secret society known as, the ZZVolution. No it’s not that secret. But on this thread we must plan how to switch everyone to ZZ. So we need facts that prove why they should switch to ZZ. I will provide a fact. The first reason why ZZ is exceptionally good is because you can get...
  2. CriticalCubing

    [Unofficial] Rotationless F2L 14.82 ao5

    Did this for fun. Here someone asked the optimal rotations in f2l so I thought why not do an optimal rotation f2l? aka zero rotations in f2l and then I just made this video on a whim. Read the description in the video for more information :)
  3. teller

    F2L - Stuck flipped edges (video)

    Not difficult cases to perform intuitively, but these rotationless solutions are short and sweet. Enjoy! 8t0xHjes3sw Direct link: M U' R U M' U R' R U S' R' U R S R' r' U L' U' r U' L R' F R' F' R U' R For the first case, I...

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