1. L

    Most "worth it" 1LLL sets ranked. Quantitative speed comparison between OLLs and their average 1LLL alg + how to learn 1LLL.

    Introduction This is a post aimed at people who are interested in learning algs, specifically large subsets of 1 Look Last Layer (1LLL)(or anyone who just happens to be curious). Needless to say, 1LLL is a lot of algs (3915) which makes it very challenging to learn and it doesn't help that...
  2. Vicenzo Guerino Cecchini

    The optimal ZBLL aproach

    There is a lot of discussion about this topic. At this point, it is pretty much a consense that T, U and L are sets 100% worth it to invest some time learning if you are really willing to get faster at 3x3, at least at some point. The other sets I see some more debate arround them, specially H...
  3. Burrito

    Best LL Option for ZZ? INCLUDING: ZBLL, TSLE+TTLL, and more?

    Hey guys, so I am looking into getting faster at 3x3 with more algsets and other things like that to get consistently sub-8 with ZZ. I have 3(ish) options: ZZ-A (ZBLL) ZZ-CT or ZZ-C++ Some Other Option
  4. Burrito


    Hi, I want to stick with ZZ but I am not sure if the above algsets are good. Any help is appreciated!
  5. H

    Halqrius's ZBLL Progression

    I'm hoping this will help keep me on track. I'm using anki to introduce algs to me, as well as to help review a little. I'm learning 3 algs a day, until I know all of the cases for a COLL, then I'm going to spend a couple of days making sure those algs are in my memory. I'm also going to use Tao...
  6. V Achyuthan

    Mehta OS breaker? Petrus OS

    Note : No offense to Mehta Method with a title Recently I have been experimenting with Petrus OS I am trying to find a good way to do Petrus OS. Rather than just looking for a best case from a specific set during a solve this is because APB is the best version of petrus (for now) even if you get...
  7. S1neWav_

    Progression to learn what I call "Full ZZ"

    Hey SS forums! I am not an extraordinary cuber by any means, but I am an alg fanatic. I am going to be learning all of the mainstream zz variants. I may or may not decide to learn more, depending on new incoming variants. This will be something I can challenge myself with, and also it would be...
  8. D

    Journey to ZBLL + Why ZBLL is so important

    Hello fellow cubers! I average around 12s on 3x3 and I know 2LLL. I've pretty much fully optimized my OLL's and PLL's, and I think I'm ready to learn another alg set. I know a lot of you will try to discourage me from going straight from OLL/PLL to learning ZBLL, but I honestly I think ZBLL...
  9. Jam88

    How to practise and learn LL Algs

    Hi all, couldn't find a thread for this, so decided to make my own. I will be adding more over time. Hope this helps, Jam88 P.S. Mods, if there is a megathread for this, then feel free to move it.
  10. T

    RLS vs ZBLL

    I'm trying to decide if i should learn VLS+HLS or ZBLL. Which is faster, RLS+PLL or EO+ZBLL? Would it be useful to know both, or would you just get an RLS case every time once you set up the pair?
  11. Etotheipi

    Finding the best 2-look ZBLL method

    I've had this idea, starting from when I started trying out ZZ. I want to try to make a program (With help ofc) that crunches through every possible 2-look ZBLL method (Or would it be 2-look EO LL method, correct me on my terminology) to find the best one. So it would test methods like...
  12. Hazel

    HazelTrainer — The ZBLL Training Application (NO LONGER In Development)

    HazelTrainer is a desktop ZBLL trainer application that I've been developing since mid-December 2019. Its goal is to be the most robust, most configurable, and most helpful ZBLL trainer out there. Notable features: - Top-down view of ZBLL cases - "Flagging" troublesome cases to make them appear...
  13. Hazel

    ZBLL Classroom: New Discord Server for ZBLL-Learners and Those Interested :)

    I've just created a new Discord server for people who are learning ZBLL (full or part of), are interested in learning ZBLL, already know ZBLL, or are just interested in ZBLL as a concept. I made it because I feel that I often need to ask a question or make a comment about ZBLL, but it doesn't...
  14. C

    Need some help with ZBLL edge recognition.

    So I am starting to learn ZBLL’s and I watched Chris‘ video on recognition, and I got it. But I have learned some h cases and recognition should go as follow, look at the FR corner, see where the two edges are corresponding to the corners colors, execute that case. But that doesn’t really work...
  15. C

    The ZZVolution.

    This is a super secret society known as, the ZZVolution. No it’s not that secret. But on this thread we must plan how to switch everyone to ZZ. So we need facts that prove why they should switch to ZZ. I will provide a fact. The first reason why ZZ is exceptionally good is because you can get...
  16. F

    The objectively and measurably best way to learn ZBLL. The Anki approach.

    Hi Back in 2016 i started working on an Anki deck for learning ZBLL for TH and OH rightie. Later Simon Kalhofer (@Petro Leum ) jumped on the train and added algs for OH leftie and added a nice tagging system. Today is finally the day we share the deck. I encourage you to read the whole...
  17. Anthony

    Full ZB - 7.60 Official Average

  18. Hazel

    Hazel Method - A True 1LLSLL (Official Thread)

    I've created a method that allows you to solve last slot + last layer in just 513 algorithms (providing EO is solved), despite there being tens of thousands of possible cases (hundreds of thousands when EO isn't solved!). This is possible by using 2 algorithms at a time, while only needing a...
  19. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] OLLiver 12.02 ZB method Avg of 5 -with sub 9 single

    Still majorly mentally processing my lags, this was a good avg for me and all pure 1LLL. :cool:
  20. gyroninja

    Chris Tran Last Slot (CTLS) Recognition System

    Over the past few weeks I've been working on a recognition system for CTLS. You can access my third revision of my recognition system here. My previous systems either ran into flaws or were incomplete. In this document I've put some strategies at figuring out the ZBLL that you have. CTLS solves...