1. Alcs

    Cubing Sheet V2.1.1

    The version 2.1.1 of my cubing spreadsheet has been released! I have been working on this spreadsheet for a few months now. There are many features such as an estimation of the date you will reach your customized goal, a move count tracker, another tracker but for every subset of roux/CFOP and a...
  2. u Cube

    The Non-Cuber Stories Thread

    Hey, post any funny/weird non-cuber experiences you've had here :)))) I'll start: My friend (he can solve cubes but he isn't an avid speedcuber) once gave me a shengshou skewb for my birthday (my first skewb). A couple months later, when we were hanging out, he grabbed the skewb and started...
  3. V

    [WTS] Big pack cubes (almost anything you want) bargain !

    Hello im having some money troubles, so im now selling my most precious pieces of my collection for need. The prices are very low because i need to sell it fast. you can buy them separetely, make your own pack with the cubes you want but at least minimum amount 50€, but the ideal would be...
  4. Kchiuk

    [Unofficial] 15.83 15puzzle single

    I think, on real 15 puzzle, it's YTUWR.
  5. CalebW

    Possible to get fast (20-30s) using this method for square-1?

    Is it possible to get reasonably fast using the method described here: http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/square1.htm#s2m6? It seems pretty simple: acquire cube shape, pair edges with corners, fix parity, permutate pairs. I'm just wondering how fast this method can be.
  6. jonlin

    Why can't a perpetual motion machine exist?

    I'm bad at physics. Is it just energy or something?
  7. CriticalCubing

    When fast isn't enough | Speedcubing Tee

    Hey Guys, With everyone's support, I have launched the campaign Buy Now: https://fabrily.com/speedsolvingtee You can buy till the end of this month, that is 31st October 2014. After that the tees will be produced and shipped. Check your "sizing", so you order the right fit and ,"delivery" to...
  8. mns112

    Modding service

    Hey Im modding cubes and shipping them to anywhere in the world for USD $10 + Shipping. The mods will be done for all 3x3 cubes and SS or Moyu 4x4's. The mod will include lubrication, edge, corner mods (for 3x3's) and Konsta-Florian mods (for 4x4's) Spring swap, sticker changing will be done...
  9. D

    Mindcuber vs. Human Experiment?

    So as an experiment for a science fair, I'm recording the speed of the MindCuber robot's solving ability and comparing it to human solving ability. I was hoping to have some participation from people who actually know how to solve the cube. If anyone is willing to participate, know that you...
  10. Zeyofa

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everybody! My name's Zeyofa and I'm new in Speedsolving.com :) I've been playin' with Rubik's Cube for 3 months and I love this puzzle :D But I'm pretty new in Speedcubing (I've reached sub40 two weeks ago and my record is 31.84 secs - pretty proud of it ;) ) and I need some good friends that...
  11. H

    How Many Rubik's Cubes Would It Take To Build A House...

    ...and how long would it take the world record-holding speed solver to solve your house? The answer is finally here! Enter your house size and see how many 4 x 4 rubik's cubes it would take: http://www.movoto.com/blog/novelty-real-estate/rubiks-cube/
  12. tato0498

    [Unofficial] Rubiks cube - 10.82 average of 12

    Avg12: 10.82 and Avg5: 10.46 Times: 11.15, 12.98, 10.18, (7.80), 11.72, 9.47, 12.19, 11.32, 11.49, (15.77), 7.95, 9.79
  13. shouhuyf

    [Unofficial] Ray Lam's(China) average of 5, 10.64s with pb 5.28s by Roux method

    http://youtu.be/QPkmwLtAb6M This is a video of my Chinese friend Ray Lam. He is an excellent Roux method user and in this video he breaks his pb with 5.28s. The detailed information is as follows: 10.45(11.95)10.82(5.28)10.66 avg 10.64 single 5.28 Cube: Dayan Zhanchi 55mm Though Chinese...
  14. H

    Recognizing CxLL from all angles?

    Hello, I've started to learn COLL for my 3x3x3 recently. There was no problem with recognition of the Pi and H cases. But U, T, L and Sunes are completely different. So there is my question, how to recognize them fast from all angles while being color neutral? I've been searching through the...
  15. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 2.60 Master Magic Average

    2.50, 2.52, (3.25), 2.78, (2.21) = 2.60 Subbed both NRs.
  16. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Magic Average of 5 - 1.83

    1.76, 1.79, (1.73), 1.89, (1.99) That's my average.
  17. B

    Hello cubers :)

    Hello every one :) I am newbie at this forum nice to meet you.I started solving 3x3 rubik'cube 1 month ago and i addicted in it :p My average is about 25-30 seconds with all PLL's learnt nad 1/3 OLL.I hope i can get along with awesome cuber like you guys again nice to meet you :)
  18. tato0498

    PB on camera BLD Solve

  19. ThePokeCuber21

    Changing Screen Name?

    I was wondering if you can change your screen name? I tried but couldn't find where. If you can't can you have to memberships under on e-mail?
  20. collinbxyz

    Vacations For The Summer?

    I just wanted to know what everyone was doing for vacation this summer. Go ahead and post as little, or as much info as you want. I know everyone is doing this, but I guess there are still a lot of you that are. Also, what cubes are you going to bring?