1. A

    Selling entire collection! All types of cubes available

    Hey! I am trying to sell my entire cubing collection to the right person. I will sell them in bulk or one at a time. The cubes that I have available are as follows, along with their price in USD: Rubik's Brand 3x3 Stickerless - 5 Unproportional 3x3x7 - 12 Windmill Cube - 8 Pyraminx(Missing...
  2. GAN 356 X

    Best kilominx?

    Currently there are three kilominxes available on the cubicle, the Meilong kibiminx, the cubestyle kilominx, and the Shengshou one. I bought the Meilong one recently and my first impressions was that it was very catchy and hardly corner cut. So, which one is the best?
  3. ZZTrooper

    Shengshou Wind 5x5

    There's a new Shengshou 5x5 out on Zcube that looke quite promising. It has nice sticker shades, a capped construction and it's pretty cheap too. Looks like it'll be another strong contender in the recent flood of new 5x5s. Here's the link:
  4. brandbest1

    Shengshou Square-1 Huh. Interesting.
  5. scorpion24

    [Official] 5x5 solve in 1:58.663 - Alonso Sanchez

    5x5 official solve of 1:58.663, from the TCG & Friends competition (and got a 2:01.92 average) :). I felt very nervous, as this was my first competition solve ever. Still got a great solve (I also got a 1:55 solve, but didn't get to record well).
  6. C

    Anyone else getting a major pop every 10 moves on the Shengshou 6x6?

    How do I get rid of this. I just got a big pop(for like the 5th time in the one SOLVE) and I got so fed up with it that I hit it with a stick until the whole thing fell apart. Help me. What mods can I do. I already did a corner mod where I sand down the corner so it is round and resembles a...
  7. S

    (CHEAP) Moyu / FangShi / Shengshou SpeedCubes For Sale

    (CHEAP) Ghost Cube/SpeedCubes/Shape Mods For Sale Hey guys. I'm selling a few cubes, all in great condition, and basically brand new. All puzzles are in original packaging, with original pamphlets. Most have all been retstickered with the highest quality stickers, TheCubicle vinyls and have...
  8. S

    FS/FT: 3x3, 3x3x5, Pyraminx(Cyclone Boys + C4U + Dayan + Moyu + SS + Qiyi/Newisland)

    Many Puzzles for sale! (: Bundle deal! ALL SOLD, Thanks!
  9. A

    YJ Sulong or Shengshou Aurora?

    Both are cheep cubes, but i would like to know what one is better, right now im leaning towards the aurora as i have used it before and know what i am getting, but would like to know other opinions thanks :D
  10. G

    WTB A few things

    Hey, I'm looking for a few things: -A bunch of 2x2s, preferably shishuang, Dayan, wittwo, or lingpo. -A Stackmat timer, (pro or gen2) if you have any other accessories for it as well, (mat, bag, display, etc) let me know. -Some stickers and application tape/tools, for the following...
  11. Tanzer

    Selling three 6x6's- 1 Florian Modded Shengshou, 2 V cubes

    Sold -end thread-
  12. SnipeCube

    Selling/Trading Cubes

    Hello everyone, I trying to sell most of my collection. I only use a select amount of cubes, and the other are just collecting dust. This is a list of the cubes: Hand made black c4u 1x1 - $2 Black pillowed qj 3x3 - $4 (3) Black Rubik's brands - $4 each Black Rubik's DIY - $6 50mm black...
  13. SnipeCube

    Selling 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8

    Hello, I am trying to get rid of my V-Cube 6, Shengshou 7x7, and Shengshou 8x8. Vcube 6 - $30 Practically brand new. Unmodded, barely solved. White Shengshou 7x7 - $20 Very good condition. It was my main for a while, but I have only solved it maybe 30 times. White Shengshou 8x8 - $60...
  14. C


  15. natezach728

    How bad is your Shengshou 6x6?

    Vote on how your Shengshou 6x6 is. Mine is smooth, but pops. Lets all leave some tips on how to make them better.
  16. natezach728

    Is Your Main 4x4 a Shengshou v3, v4, v5, or Other?

    Post what your main 4x4 is! My main is a v3. Let's see which will triumph!:)
  17. SnipeCube

    Selling Cubes as a lot

    Okay, I have decided to sell most of my cubes as a lot, instead of separatly. The Cubes are listed below, I am selling the cubes all together, not seperatly. I will only accept Paypal, And shipping will be $7 to US only. Local Pickup will be fine if you live near SC. The cubes that are for...
  18. SnipeCube

    Selling Cubes!

    Okay, So I Have ALOT of cubes, Im selling them so I can Get Rid of them And buy the new Ouya Game console, Basically, Once I get $100 or so I will take the Thread down. Im selling Almost All Of the cubes, Except for some of my Mains. Ill have to work out shipping, And im not sure about...
  19. P

    Lightake unboxing (Shengshou wind, Siamese cube, QJ timer and LASER)

    Lightake is a really cool cube store, i highly recommend you buy from there as it isn't just cubes either, they sell plenty of products with free shipping worldwide. This unboxing was really fun for me to do and the siamese cube is an awesome cube to solve, I hope you watch and leave some...
  20. Lethalis1234

    Shengshou 6x6 (Unboxing + First Impressions) HD 1080p

    This is the first video on my new channel. I hope you guys like it =)