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Selling three 6x6's- 1 Florian Modded Shengshou, 2 V cubes


Premium Member
Mar 20, 2011
Saint Albans, United Kingdom
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Selling three 6x6's. 1 SS 2 V.

The shengshou is a black florian modded cube-It turns pretty nice, but could use some breaking in. It also pops.

The V cube 6s are pretty much untouched- only about 2 solves on both, so they are basically out of the box. Like all v cubes straight out of the box, they aren't good at all, and do pop even though they turn slow as hell. These v cubes would be yours to I guess mod or add to your collection. Whatever you want to do.

V cubes are white and black.

I seriously don't want any of them so I'll sell them for very cheap. (Less than $15)
But would you ship to the UK :p