1. Pixel 6

    Donovan's Roux Tutorial Videos

    Hi Guys, decided to put up a Roux Method tutorial on Youtube. 1st person perspective, with a bunch of examples on each step. (Broken into 5 videos) Let me know what you think! Part 1 = Left Block Part 2 = Right Block Part 3 = Corner Orientation / Permutation (examples with...
  2. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] Sub 1 min Roux

    Um....why did I take so long? Lol Im slow..
  3. MostEd

    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    I'm a begginer cuber(end of may) I learned roux, currently do 2L CMLL, and I have the cube nearly the whole day in my hands, so I do practise. There might be sound problems, since youtube decided to delete the Eruption track I put on it ;(, so you'll either hear some jazz or nothing.
  4. cubingpwnage

    Cubing Terminology Help (CMLL, CFOP, ect.)

    Hey could you guys help me with these acronyms. What does CFOP, CMLL, and CLL stand for? Fro example PLL is "permutation of the last layer.. Thanks :)
  5. waffle=ijm

    [Unofficial] Syrup Moves Slowly... - Avg of 5 - 12.70

    ...ergo waffles are slow I usually average around low 12s
  6. crazymanjimbo46

    [Help Thread] Should I switch to Roux?

    Currently I average about 30-35 seconds with 2 look OLL and PLL and intuitive F2L I'm considering switching to roux. Do you think I should?
  7. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...
  8. pcwiz

    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    PDF Version of this Guide - March 23, 2013 Welcome! This thread will be a guide to help you get faster at solving the Rubik’s Cube using the popular Fridrich/CFOP method. Please read this thread and do some forum searching prior to asking questions about becoming faster. First off, the...
  9. L

    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    I can't tell from the images on: if the edge you can't see matters for step 4a. I also find this step to be tedious and frustrating most of the time, does anyone have any tips? Thanks :D