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  • Can you get rid of my 3x3 blindfolded ao12 on my pb sheet, I accidentally entered clock times on it originally and I put 9:99.99 as I couldn't just delete or put DNF as an answer. also my 5x5 single is 1:17.xx, should I enter 1:17.99 or just leave it blank.
    Hey, I got locked out of the speedsolving competitions site, and have had this problem for a few months. It's supposed to be White KB, like my username, but it won't accept that or my email address. If you could send me an email about that, it would be great, and I'm okay if it doesn't happen instantly, but if you could do that in the next few days, that would be great. Thanks! :D
    Dear pjk,
    I saw in a form thread that you can change my username. Can you change it to just Luc? I don't want my last name showing.
    Thank you in advance.
    Hello pjk!

    I was told that you might be able to help me change my username! If you are able, I would like it to be: JCB ShortFilms

    Hi pjk.
    I have just joined this community. I'm from India and currently a student of 10th standard. I can solve from 2x2- 5x5 and 3BLD. I have been cubing for almost a year and I am also a very good painter.
    I currently average about 20 secs on 3x3 and want to get better at it.Any tips to get better at it??
    Thank You
    Good skill set, since you are from India and at a critical time of your studies, try to focus on studies.
    This forum has a lot of helpful discussion threads that can help you improve, please explore yourself rather than asking anyone personally.
    I acidentally set my birthday as August 17th but it's actually September 17th. Can you change that please?
    Mr. PJK can you help me with my MF3RS, it keeps popping, I don't know if it is caused by the lube or the screws.
    It's probably the screws, or the core is broken. My backup main broke during a solve, when i fixed it it popped a lot
    Heyooo um yeah I think i misclicked on my age? It says im 26, but im actually 16. so the yaer 2000 insteaad of 1990....

    Could you please change this? It says a staff member needs to do so. Thanks in advance ~LRXC
    Hello pjk, I know may have gave you a PM about this, but I will explain this again. Some time ago I posted a question about my Dayan Zhanchi, just go to the hardware help to the help thread, is my cube/puzzle a dud? On page 32 find the post by Sauce.
    When I looked at the thread, I noticed that a lot of people did not get their problems solved, and I did not either. Making a new system for this in the hardware help area would be greatly appreciated, as the thread is 33 pages long.

    Please consider this, and consider other people who may also have unanswered questions in this thread.
    Please PM back to me and tell me what you think!

    Thank You!

    Mkay, so I looked into it, and block and nuke is for spam accounts? My account isn't spam. It's a work in progress.

    You seem to have banned me from the wiki. I don't see what I could have done wrong? Could you explain?
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