1. CubeCow

    How do you get sponsors on YouTube?

    I'm looking to start a Youtube cubing channel,and I know that unboxings and reviews are what's popular in cubing videos right now. The problem is I don't have a lot of money to buy cubes. I know that unboxings and reviews aren't all I can do, but I'm not currently a super fast cuber, so my...
  2. skycube


    Hi everyone! I have been a cuber for almost 8 months now. I mostly solve my 3x3. But I can solve 2x2, 4x4, and a 5x5. I also like to solve my axel cube. It's one of my fav's. I wan to start a collection of twisty puzzles. Right now, my collection is still small, but growing! My average on a...
  3. M

    Haii everybody !!

    I am new to this forum. So far it is the best i ever joined. I joined it to get more information about LL stuff. I am Micha from Switzerland. I am 15 years old. I started cubing 9 months ago. Currently i am averaging 12-13 seconds on 3x3 and around 55 seconds on 4x4. At the moment i am...
  4. sub20cuber

    Cuber Catchphrases

    In the comment section below you can write down any of your favourite cuber catchphrases that you yourself use or that you know other famous/not famous cubers use. Personally I use "no cube, no cuber" but when im in the middle of a 3x3 etc. solve I will say in my head "sub______here I come". now...
  5. T

    [Unofficial] 3x3 10.57 avg12 9.74 avg5

    oskcodqKuNQ 11.25, 10.21, 11.61, 9.42, 10.95, 9.62, 10.45, (13.29), 12.36, 10.02, (9.34), 9.78, 12.28, 9.42, 13.86 15 solves in the video Bolded is avg 12 and underlined is avg 5 9.74 avg5 starts at 3:47 (kept the 13.86 because I did CLL/ELL) Pretty good for me. Wasn't paying much...
  6. granada

    Brazilian cuber

    Hello there. I'm from Brazil, my name is Renan, 17 i'm years old, and i solve rubik's cube :] So... I learned how to solve rubik's cube on my own. It tookme 3 full days. I used some algorithms that i made only with a paper and my mind, but then when it came to PLL and OLL i used a computer...
  7. wytefury

    Hailing all the way from Alaska, give a big welcome to WYTEFURY!

    Hey what's up guys, just decided I would make a quick little post to introduce myself to the forums. I'm a spanish and music major in college (I play bassoon, oboe, and tenor sax). I'm a bboy (break dance). And I'm a cuber. I learned how to cube about a year ago, I got a cube for Christmas...
  8. Yuxuibbs

    Speedcubing addiction

    I have this project where I have to do research on a topic and I chose speedcubing. I can't find a lot of reliable information. So far I'm going on the WCA stuff and some random articles/blogs/threads. How many people are addicted? What are the treatment options/medications? Is it genetic...
  9. blackzabbathfan

    It's the cuber, not the cube: Is there a limit?

    Everyone is always saying that it is the cuber not the cube, which I totally agree with, but is there a limit? Could faz have gotten 5.66 with a Rubik's Brand? I am curious to knowwhat you guys think of this.
  10. R

    [Unofficial] My process while solving the cube!

    well i know i'm slow but i still want to be faster!so please help me with tips!:) ill appreciate it:)
  11. MostEd

    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    I'm a begginer cuber(end of may) I learned roux, currently do 2L CMLL, and I have the cube nearly the whole day in my hands, so I do practise. There might be sound problems, since youtube decided to delete the Eruption track I put on it ;(, so you'll either hear some jazz or nothing.
  12. K

    When do you consider a cuber a master?

    What times would a cuber need to get in order to be considered a master? Also, what would you consider proficient? What would you call average? Discuss. :)
  13. B

    I need your help!

    Hey everybody, I entered in a ski video contest, where you need the most likes on your video to win. I would really appreciate it if you guys could take a second to click on the link below and help me out. Every like counts, and it means a lot. Please like the video to help out a fellow...
  14. ianography

    "Broken" QJ 2x2x3?

    Whenever I try to assemble my QJ 2x3x3, for some reason the screw won't be screwed. I push it down and twist it, but it never works. Does anybody know how to help? Thanks
  15. dChan

    Speedcubers on Skype

    I was having a fun little chat with a cuber friend over Skype and got to wondering how many users here have a Skype account. So if you have a Skype account, please feel free to post your username up so we may spam you with Skype calls and chats and stuff.