1. Rusca

    How to translate cubing algs to music (team blind chord dictation system).

    Hi everyone, This saturday Berta and I were thinking about cubing challenges we could try and do, and I just saw her piano sitting there and thought: wait a minute... could we maybe just dictate a whole team blind solution using only the piano? And so after giving it some thought, the encoding...
  2. Julio974

    4BLD and 5BLD Mo3 recognized by the WCA in 2019

    This will be the latest change since 333ft changing from mean to average! Announcement: Commit: Discussion...
  3. rybaby

    [NAR] Mark Boyanowski - 24/24 Multi-BLD 54:45

    Second to last NAR from 2013 beaten! Good job!
  4. C

    [Unofficial] [French NR] 2x2x2 Blind 12.28 Kévin Cagnon

    Congratulations ! Done at Hem Maricubik open 2015. Solve at the end of the video.
  5. X

    [Unofficial] 3x3 bld 50.45s - Tomas Canevali

    that would be nr in my country so im good with it. mi pb right now is definetly a low 40s i use 3 cycles and very cold hands for this solve theres not much else to say about it. enjoy
  6. mDiPalma

    [Unofficial] 10.69 SpeedBLD FAIL (Petrus method)

    I miscounted the number of d moves and y rotations, so I got the PLL AUF wrong because I'm retarded. :tu I thought I'd post it here so you all can laugh at my misfortune. :mad:
  7. IAmAPerson

    Pyraminx Blindfolded?

    Hey! I personally love pyraminx, and since it's such a simple puzzle, I thought it'd be cool to learn to solve it blindfolded! However, because not too many people do pyraminx, and fewer blindsolve it, my searches have come up mainly empty. I solved it once BLD, but it was extremely lucky. I...
  8. Ollie

    [WR] Oliver Frost 4x4x4 Blindfolded 2:18.65

    Execution starts at 0:37, done at Cuthberts Open 2014. Thank you Chris :) B2 U2 B2 D L2 U2 B2 R2 L2 U' B U' L2 D' F' L' B2 D' U L' F Uw2 B' R2 L B' Uw2 Fw2 F Uw2 R' F' L' F2 Uw' Rw2 R F2 U B' Fw Uw R F Rw Uw' Rw2 x' y' [U2 x R:[U, R' D2 R]] // ULF -> UFR -> UBL (11/11) [R D': U' R' U, L2]]...
  9. peteraberg

    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Hello! I would need some help with 5x5x5 blind. I now tried a few times and it comes down to the same problem, the end. Memorisation works fine and execution also until the end... I can't find help in any other post maybe because I solve in a bit of a funny order, but it works in my head...
  10. szalejot

    Confused with M2+OP parity

    I am solving 3BLD using M2 for edges and OP for corners. I solve corners first. When parity occurs I try to switch UBL with UBR and then after solved edges I do: M2 y L2 <T-perm> L2. I see a lot of my DNF are: all cube solved except UBL and UBR which are in place, but not oriented. I try to...
  11. Mikel

    7x7x7 Blindfolded Success (with Pop)

    On my 7th attempt, I was finally able to solve the 7x7x7 blindfolded! Total time: 1:22:38.50 Memo time: [46:20] It also had a pop that I was luckily able to fix. The pop is at 4:44 in the video. Methods: Centers: U2 Wings: r2 Midges: M2 Corners: OP
  12. Roman

    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    6x6x6 blindfolded ranking #NameTime [memo]LinksCountry1Graham Siggins8:10.10 [4:12.76]video, postUnited States2Tom Nelson8:20.88 [3:49.40]videoNew Zealand3Cale Schoon8:38.58 [3:59.00]video, postUnited States4Stanley Chapel9:15.80 [5:24.40]postUnited States5Roman Strakhov11:23.25...
  13. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] 1:11.04 3BLD (M2/OP) - Antoine Cantin

    Memo: 37 (corner: 22 and edge 15), execution: 34 (edge 15+3 and corner 14).
  14. Mikel

    2x2 Blindfolded Tutorial -

    I was asked to write a set of instructions for a particular task of my choice for my technical writing class. We were supposed to create it using Instructables is a great site that has lots of how-to type tutorials. I decided to write one on how-to solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube...
  15. granada

    Question about memorization methods

    Hello, i went into blindsolving a few days ago. I use old pochmann for corners and M2 for edges. I am going pretty well but i dont fell confident enough about my memo method. For corners i tap the piece and say a letter that represents the orientation. For edges i use letters. Each letter...
  16. Mikel

    [Unofficial] 5/5 Multi Blind 34:27.23 -Brandon Mikel

    Memo: Letter pair images/stories for edges and corners Execution: OP corners, M2 edges This is my best multi blind result! Now I will have to get some more cubes :)
  17. Noahaha

    [Official] Harvard Spring 4/7 fail MBLD in 58:11

    2:00 for solving. Method: M2/OP Cubes: 3 Zhanchis 3 Guhongs 1 Lunhui I definitely had more trouble concentrating than usual. Disappointing given that my last three attempts were all 7/7. Thanks for judging, Rowe...
  18. Bunker

    [Unofficial] Rubik's cube 5x5x5, blindfolded

    My third attempt :) memorization - about 1 hour 30 minutes solving - about 25 minutes Solving methods: U2 for X-centers U2 for T-centers r2 for wing edges m2 for midges 3OP for corners
  19. rwcinoto

    Cube for a blind person: what is the best way to make one?

    I have looked for Rubik's cubes for blind people and just found some from cube4you, which are not good for this purpose. Their stickers are very hard to recognize with the fingers and the centers are not symmetrical, which makes teaching a blind person harder. I have seen a video of a...