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  • I started working on blind, I solved a 2x2 behind my back (after double-checking my memo) in my high school. Got some applause.
    I finally learnt to solve 5x5. That also finally allows me to do 2345 relay and mini-Guildford!
    2 years later and still struggling to remember 5x5 parity lol
    With a 40.57 average, I became 10th in the world for Master Pyraminx! I still can't belive it...
    I'm almost sub-1m on master pyraminx, I wonder what will the times be for the weekly comps!
    History of my PB Singles in 2018:
    End of 2017: 28.12
    01-08: 20.28
    01-21: 19.29
    02-14: 18.72
    05-21: 17.52
    ??-??: 15.10
    ??-??: 14.43
    07-31: 13.36
    08-18: 12.70
    08-19: 10.56 PB Single
    History of my Ao100 status in late 2018:
    End of august: Sub-21
    Mid-october: Sub-20
    12-02 : Sub-19
    12-08 : Sub-18
    12-21 : Sub-17
    I may get a sub-10 single before the end of the year. From 28.12 to 10.56.
    I just blown my average PBs recently, so I now consider myself sub-19 (18s average) and I'm expecting my 10.56 to fall quickly, before the end of the year.
    I got more 14s solves during the last 2 weeks than during the whole year before, and my average fall from 19.5 to 18.4, so I'm preparing for beating my 10.56 PB.
    3.26 Pyraminx PB! My previous PB (3.59) lasted for about a month.
    Scramble: B R' L B' L B' U B R L' U' l r' b'
    Blue tips: r b
    First Layer: L (U L' U') (R L' R')
    Last Tip: l
    I created a Fictionnal Cubing World Cup, with 1 team per country. It's a relay for mini-guildford events where each member only does 1 event. Other details are explained here: https://challonge.com/fr/ra9obgk8 !
    USA already beat Germany 2:38.41 to 3:16.63.
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