1. Hovair

    [Unofficial] Skype Team Blind 3x3 First Success With Roux

    Me and 5BLD were on skype and we did a team blind with Roux method. he called the moves while I solved.
  2. Pendragon

    [Unofficial] 3x3x3 multi blind: 3/3 in 28:32.97

    <iframe width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> link on youtube this is currently my personal best wih multi blind, any tip? (today i tried 4 cubes but i did 2/4 because i forgot 2 corners >.< )
  3. J

    [Official] Julian David 3BLD 3:49.22 Toronto Open Winter 2011

    :) Happy with my first official blindsolve. Thanks to Benjamin Wong for filming.
  4. Kenneth

    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Use this thread for short BLD questions. (I was looking for it but did not see one, if there is? please let me know and I merge). -------------------------- Well, my question, TuRBo, is it only a edge method or did anyone develop the same for corners? (I'm looking at it atm, this is...
  5. Jhong253

    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    Hi everybody, I've been trying to learn Blindfold solving, and I did read couple online tutorials (One from for example). The problem is, I have no idea what the tutorials are talking about and I haven't been able to learn anything so far. How should I start off?
  6. isaganiesteron

    Blindfolded M2 Help and Discussion thread

    i need serious help with shooting to M slice.. with pochmanns example he did M2 after shooting to the M slice, is this like a set down move? and his m2 example video doesn't work.. some help please..