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Background Information
Alias(es): Reirto
Country: Indonesia
Born: 24 February
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2021-present
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: RRBSP method

Hello there, i'm just a random Indonesian cuber from Bandung, and i like learning method and algorithms




Pages i created


  • 3x3: Moyu RS3M 2020
  • 2x2: YJ Yupo V2m
  • 4x4: Random cube that i don't know what is it

Currently learning

Note that i'm less cubing now so i'm not learning those

Plan to learn

Next plan

  • 3-Style after i'm improving my BLD success rate
  • COLL except Sune and Anti-Sune cases, probably after learning EG-1
  • Megaminx 4LLL if i get Megaminx
  • Pyraminx Intuitive L4E if i get Pyraminx
  • Square-1 2-Look OBL and 2-Look PBL if i get Square-1

Further plan

My algorithms

External link

I'm a user at the forums
My User Page
Wiki 2x2x2 solved.jpg I speedsolve the 2x2x2 Cube.
Single: 2.32
Average: 4.24
Roux solved.jpg I speedsolve the 3x3x3 Cube.
Single: 12.29
Average: 14.56
BC Solved.jpg I speedsolve the 4x4x4 Cube.
Single: 1:30.08
Average: 1:38.33
Roux solved.jpg I speedsolve the 3x3x3 Cube OH.
Single: 34.14
Average: 42.80
Roux solved.jpg I speedsolve the 3x3x3 Cube blindfolded.
Best time: 9.26:31
Multi: Never did MBLD