Yau method

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Yau method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Patrick Jameson and Robert Yau
Proposed: 2008-2009
Alt Names: none
Variants: Yau5
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: None
Avg Moves: ~150 STM [1]

The Yau Method, or Yau4, not to be confused with Yau5, is a 4x4 speedsolving method proposed by Patrick Jameson but popularized and modified by Robert Yau. It can also be applied to bigger cubes.

Some commonly used techniques with the Yau method include:

  • Solving 3 half centers out of the 4 last centers before fully solving them in order to increase fingertrickability for the remainder of the last 4 centers step. With the half centers technique, the solver can finish off the centers without destroying the partial cross by using only Rw and U moves rather than 3Rw, Rw, 2L, and U moves, essentially making the remainder of this step 2gen.
  • Pairing edges using 3-2-3 edge pairing. Basically, right after the last 4 centers are solved, solve the final cross piece using no specific technique, then pair up 3 edge pairs at once, followed by 2 edge pairs, and finally the last 3 edge pairs. Many tutorial videos on YouTube go more in-depth with this technique.


  1. Solve 2 opposite centers on L and R. (Center on L is your cross color.)
  2. Solve 3 of the 4 cross dedges and place on L. (Avoid placing on U layer and orient correctly.)
  3. Solve the last 4 centers while keeping the partial cross on the L face unmoved and only using Rw, 3Rw, 2L, and U moves.
  4. Solve the last remaining cross dedge, without messing up the cross. (This can be blended with step 3 above.)
  5. Do a z' rotate and solve the last 8 dedges(L8E).
  6. Solve as a 3x3x3 + Parities if encountered.



  • Look ahead for the first 3 dedges is difficult.
  • Last 4 centers(L4C) are harder than Reduction; especially, when including the final cross dedges into this step.

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