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[Help Thread] ZZ method / EOLine Discussion

Jan 9, 2018
As I've noticed, my EOLine is pretty bad.

I only do good when the line edges are opposite. With any case other than this, I am likely to get 5-7 secs for EOLine, which is not good. Even then, my solutions involve, at most, 2 regrips, and my fingertricks are poor.

I also want to combine EO and Line so I can influence the line edges, since that's fairly annoying.

Here are some examples:

1: R B2 L' U R D U' F L' B2 R' F2 L' D' F L' D2 U2 F2 R B' R' B2 L2 U (4 edges)

EOLine: x2 D U2 R' F' L' R' D (got lucky on this one)

2: F L B U F2 D F2 D' R' D' U' F B D' F2 R' B2 L U2 L B U' L R F2 (4 edges)

EOLine: x2 U2 D R F R2 D' (lucky again)

3: R2 U D2 R' F U' R L2 B D F L R' F2 U F' D' B F2 D' B2 R' D' R2 U (4 edges)

EOLine: z2 R2 L' F' D2 (lol)

4: R' U' L2 F' U R U D2 B2 R U2 L B' D U' F D2 F' D2 B R2 D' R2 U' F (6 edges)

EOLine: x2 B' U2 L R F' D2 (wait my eolines are efficient in move-count)

5: R' U' L B R' F2 D' U L' B2 U R B F U2 R L B F' D2 U2 L' U B2 L' (6 edges)

EOLine: z2 L B L2 U R F L D (note that i use EO+Line for all of these)


So far, most of the cases involve the DF and DB edges being opposite from each other after EO, so they haven't been that bad.

The next scrambles will be csTimer scrambles rather than Ruwix scrambles.


6: R F2 R2 F2 L2 U F2 U' L2 D' U F U' L' U2 R' D' B2 R (4 edges)

EOLine: z2 U' R D L F' L' R D (edge gathering sucks, but 2 f2l pairs preserved)

7: L' U' B2 L2 F2 U' B2 L2 D2 R2 D F2 L' B2 D R B' L' F L2 (8 edges)

EOLine: x2 B' R F D L2 D' (fairly easy EO, but adjacent line edges)

8: F2 U2 R2 B2 D2 L U2 L' D2 L F' D2 B L' R' F D L2 F2 L' U (8 edges)

EOLine: x2 D' L' B' U L F L R D' (EOLine is bad, but so many F2L pairs preserved and PLL skip the way I did F2L)

9: D2 B2 U' B2 U B2 L2 D' F2 L2 B D2 F' R' U L' D L2 (6 edges)

EOLine: z2 B U2 D' R' L F D R' D' (again, bad EOLine, but crazily easy FB for ZZF2L and slightly harder SB, but N perm for LL)

10: L2 D' B2 U2 R2 U L2 D' B2 L2 U' B' R F U' L F2 R D B2 F2 (8 edges)

EOLine: z2 B U R D F' D2 L' D (what's with these bad eolines and good f2ls and lls?)


Basically, my main issue is comfort. Most of my solves focus on being optimal rather than finger-friendly, which is a bad habit of mine. I also have an issue with being bad at EO+Line, since cases with adjacent line edges can be annoying, although solving edges other than line edges during EO+Line can lead to a really good ZZF2L.

Any tips?
Mar 11, 2018
It's just all about identifying EO patterns quick, and being familiar with most of those, so don't worry about comfort, it will become way better with practice, and about fingertricks, try to use more movesets rather than [RULD: FB], to make this happen try to understand leors, rouxs EO and 2GRs too. + Avoid those sucky R' L' s and U2 D' s because the makes your solve feel too awkward. Also become y neutral, which is same as blue or green front but you count blue or green edges as bad ones instead of red and orange.
Mar 11, 2018
Yeah I sometimes try too hard to preserve blocks and it ends up backfiring. I'll try to work on my TPS, particularly during EOLine, since it is the hardest to finger trick. How fast can you execute LL in OH?
About OHLL, i recommend doing full CPLS (120 algs) and 2GLL