1. RadioactivCuber

    How can I get faster at EOline?

    Can anybody give me any advice so that I can become good in building EOLine EXCEPT PRACTICE!!!! I have seen every video on youtube and every text tutorial, but I cannot become good in EOLine Can anybody give me some GOOD WORKING LINKS to some ZZ method apps like...
  2. RadioactivCuber

    How about solving EOLine in ZZ method on the right or left side?

    I am learning the ZZ method and I was thinking with a little bit change, if we make our Eoline on the left like cross in CFOP on the left, would it be easier after practise? then we can do the f2l using on R, U and D sides which is more optimal then using R'U'L sides (I think so). The last...
  3. RadioactivCuber

    How do you memorise the cross in Fidrich or the EOLine in ZZ Method?

    I don't understand how cubers memorise the EOLine in ZZ Method while inspection........ do they translate their moves into algorithms and apply it when solving. Please teach me how to memorise the EOline/CRoss and give me tips if possible
  4. C

    [Help Thread] ZZ method / EOLine Discussion

    Please use this thread to post questions related to the ZZ method. Here is the ZZ/ZB method discussion thread. -*-*-*-*- I'm trying to get sub-20 I really need to improve my efficiency to do that, so I figure you guys could see what I'm doing wrong here. I used to solve with Fridrich...
  5. pepkin88

    Transition from EOCross to EOLine

    Hello. Long time ago my solving method was CFOP, but I transitioned to a ZZ-like method, which starts with EOCross. Now I see many opinions that EOLine with blockbuilding is much better than EOCross with slots. But I see some drawbacks of those supposedly better steps: I don't know what edge...
  6. M

    ZZ speedcubing method

    As in the topic. ZZ's quite interesting method, but it largely unknown in non-Polish speedcubing communities (like speedsolving.com). It's basically due to the fact that almost every information about ZZ is in Polish, which isn't lingua franca, I dunno why. :) Because of that I've decided to...