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Solve of the Day! 3x3, 2x2, Skewb, and Pyraminx

Would you participate in a 4-7 solve of the day?

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Nov 13, 2016
3x3 | B U2 B F2 R2 F' D2 F' D2 U2 L' R2 D L B' D' L' B2 U'
2x2 | U' R' F R' U2 F R U2 R' U2 F
4x4 | B2 U R' B D F' R2 B2 D2 L2 B2 R' D2 F2 R' D2 B2 L2 B R' Fw2 R' F Uw2 F Rw2 B D2 Fw2 B' L' R2 Uw' B2 L' R D' Rw2 F Rw B Uw Fw F2 Rw2
5x5 | F2 L' Uw Bw2 L2 U R2 Uw2 L U2 L2 Uw2 L2 Dw' F2 R' B' F2 Bw Fw2 Rw R' L' U2 F2 Rw2 B2 Rw' U2 R U2 L2 R' B' Rw2 B U2 B2 U2 Fw Rw' B2 Rw Uw2 D' Fw R U' D Fw F Bw' U' Bw' R Fw L' D' Rw' R
OH | F' U2 F U2 L2 B U F2 R F2 U2 D2 F' L2 F' R2 L2 B L2
Skewb |B L' B' R L R L' R B'
Pyraminx | U L B R' L R L' B l r' u'
SQ1 | (0,5)/ (0,3)/ (6,4)/ (0,-3)/ (4,0)/ (0,-1)/ (0,-4)/ (-2,-2)/ (-4,0)/ (1,0)/ (-1,0)/ (6,-3)/ (-3,0)
Clock | UR0+ DR2- DL1- UL5- U1- R3- D0+ L5- ALL2- y2 U2+ R4+ D4+ L4- ALL4- DR UL
Megaminx | R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U' R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U' R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ U R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U' R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U' R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- U' R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ U

Uh sorry no solves on Thursday. Also, if anyone knows how to change my username hmu pls thx


Sep 10, 2018
3x3- 9.83
2x2- 4.56 (bad)
4x4- 34.04
5x5- 1:05.57 (good, pll skip)
OH- 21.87 (bad)
Skewb- 4.17
Pyraminx- 1.74
SQ1- 20.53 (idc)
Clock- 16.11
Megaminx- 1:21.69