1. CubeStopCubing

    Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 M | Trash or Tresure?

    I love this cube and it was my main for a long time. Here is my review from a long time ago. Make sure to check out my channel and subscribe!
  2. CubeStopCubing

    Moyu Weipo WRS 2021 Review

    I made a really cool review of the Moyu Weipo WRS 2021 and if you are interested, check it out below and consider subscribing and maybe check out some of my other videos. :)
  3. Nevan J

    Nevan J's Progression Thread | Sub-10 3x3 | Sub-2 2x2 | Sub 1 Minute 4x4 |

    Hey everyone, I created this thread to just to keep up with my cubing updates + getting tips from you guys Current Average: - 2x2: Sub-5 to Sub-6 - 3x3: Sub-16 to Sub-17 My main goals: - 3x3: Sub-10 (For now, atleast) - 2x2: Sub - 2 (Probably break NR Average) - 4x4: Sub - 1 Minute...
  4. Tecknet

    Time To Start Again, 3x3 Sub 20, 2x2 Sub 10, and getting half decent at 4x4

    I know I have another progression thread, but it didn't work out for me. Didn't really post much and I was running low on motivation to cube. So basically I took a whole month break from cubing properly, and now I'm back! The break actually helped quite a bit, I got rid of the habit of doing...
  5. The_Noober

    Stuck on 2x2 sune + anti sune CLL

    How to distinguish 1 case from another? For H algs on CLL, I was able to tell which H alg case is which, but there seems to be no way to tell the sines and antisunes different types apart in 2x2 CLL. Do you have any suggestions and/or different easier to learn but still fast 2x2 methods? I am...
  6. NigelTheCuber

    2x2 Solvers Discord

    So the title says it all. If you are a 2x2 solver, join here! https://discord.gg/MfpDEUBBuJ
  7. hyn

    Race to Sub-x on 2x2 (2022)

    Welcome to the Race to sub-x on 2x2! This will be a weekly thing, probably every Monday around 7-8am GMT, but I'll put up a poll for preferred days. I will put up 12 2x2 scrambles, and to compete, just solve and post times in the format below: Goal: Cube: Ao12: Times: If you reach your goal 3...
  8. F

    NON-WCA Events Comp On Discord🔥(Pyramorphix, Fisher Cube, 2x2 Mirror Blocks, Rubik's Snake, Windmill Cube etc.)

    Anyone interested to compete in a non-wca event tournament over on Discord? Events include (but are not limited to): -Pyramorphix -Fisher Cube -2x2 Mirror Blocks -Rubik's Snake -Windmill Cube Kindly leave a reply to this thread if this interests you^^
  9. U3cubing

    Only cubers will find this annoying...

    What irritates you in this video? (yes it is fake)
  10. Luke Solves Cubes

    Online Cubing Competition May-June 2022, 3x3 2x2, OH, 4x4, 3BLD, Skewb, Pyra, Mega

    Hello, I am a speedcuber and I want to host an online cubing competition in June of 2022. There will be no prizes and it is free to enter. There will be the events that are listed in the title. Please leave the events you want to do in the section, and I look forward to seeing all of you...
  11. Nuuk cuber

    [NR] [Israeli] Yoav Vishne - 1.46 2x2 average

    Normally I wouldn't make a big deal out of this, it's just another national record. Around 30 of these happen each week. This one is interesting to me because first of all, it is top 30 in the world. Second of all, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is this guy's FIRST competition! I haven't seen...
  12. CornerTwisted

    Who wants to be in my new 100 2x2 solvers, 1 scramble video?

    Do you want to take part in my 1 scramble, 100 2x2 solvers megacollab? Just send me a video of your first attempt solving this scramble: U2 R U' F R' U R2 U2 R'. Since most people will just use the same solution and since there are so many people, reconstructions are unnecessary. Send me the...
  13. Timona

    Timona's Road to NR //

    Hello everyone who sees this thread. The name's Guy, AceTheGuy. I'm Nigerian and I've been cubing on and off for around 4 years since 2018. I did the basics, learnt beginners method and got good with it. I should have made this thread a lot sooner but I ignored it. Currently, my main method is...
  14. V Achyuthan

    My Youtube channel progression

    I decided instead of posting a new thread for every method I find like every week I will just make a video about it. So I started a YT channel. Starting from my very first method. The 2 holes method. I made a goal to reach 10 subs by the end of the year. So help me get there. LOL This is my...
  15. teboecubes

    I Tried The FASTEST WCA 2x2 Scrambles (Inspired by Ram Thakkar's video)

  16. teboecubes

    Why This Is The EASIEST 2x2 Scramble (New PB) | #shorts

  17. cuberswoop

    Cuberly Monthly Bracket Challenge

    This will be a Cubing Bracket Competition. There is no limit to competitors, but there must be at least 4 people participating in 1 event. You will sign up at the link at the bottom of the page. The scrambles will be posted in an email to you, as well as a form for you to enter your times in...
  18. 2x2 on a Bed (2018)

    2x2 on a Bed (2018)

    Taken after a nine-month period in which I had lost my camera. I had also gotten a 2x2.
  19. W

    Took apart my gan 249,need help reassembling!

    Took apart gan 249 for some lubing after going 2 years with no lube, trying to put back together, but need some help, can't figure out how to insert corners back into the core since the hole is so small!
  20. Melvintnh327

    Melvintnh327's Progression Thread | Road to sub-20 3x3

    I've seen a lot of people doing this, so I might as well do it.