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  • I have a lot of information about that in my BLD tutorial (check my sig). Specifically the first and fourth videos are about memorization.
    Hi, the next UK competition will be whenever it gets organised! I'm planning a Nottingham comp which may not be official - depends on many factors!
    3x3 best single = 32.5
    average of 5 = 44.2/3
    23/4/12 (april)
    3x3 single: 22.25...... Average: 27.50
    BLD: 7-8mins-ish :) doing it for one week
    3x3 single: 13.57
    3x3 average: 19.98
    3BLD (just taken it up again after rest): 2:48
    3x3: 10.96/15.50/16.85
    3BLD: 1:10.2/1:2x.y (just started learning edge comms urghh)
    I feel like a jerk for not replying to you, sorry I didn't notice your question. You probably got the answer already, but no you aren't allow.
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