1. Side Events (Plus 3x3) (2018)

    Side Events (Plus 3x3) (2018)

    My side events, before I got a clock and square-1.
  2. White KB

    Question About Skewb Scramblers

    One thing I've noticed about most skewb scramblers is that they often have U and B moves right next to each other. Since they are on the same "axis", it doesn't make sense to have something like U' B or U' B' U' B U', but that type of thing still happens frequently with all the skewb scramblers...

    [Review] Gan Skewb M | In Depth Review vs X-Man Wingy

    Sorry if you guys saw this on my thread, my I thought I would put it with the reviews as well. If you haven't seen it, ENJOY! I believe this just might be my best video :)
  4. u Cube

    Predicting U Center on Skewb!

  5. u Cube

    2.61 PB Skewb Ao5 w/ 1.88 Single

  6. V

    Speedcubing Competition : i.Cube 2020

    Hey Cubers, While everyone was at home during the lockdown, people blamed the pandemic for unproductivity, while we saw it as an opportunity to improve our cubing skills. While people moved from ludo to tiktoks to reels to among us, we stayed focused. We kept turning edges faster and faster...
  7. Chinmay47

    Skewb Floral L3C swap Clockwise + Counter Clockwise

    Yoooooo! I'm back on the forum!:cool: BTW I need help with these skewb cases. I mean, some easy-to memorize algs and fast fingertricks. Please Use FCN cause idk ST or Rubikskewb notation lol! Just Clockwise 3swap and Counter Clockwise 3swap. I guess some call it floral pattern too.
  8. Cubingcubecuber

    Side Event Image Generators

    Does anybody know of a browser image generator for Square-1, Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx, or Skewb? Basically like a visualcube for side events. I am hoping to make algsheets for them, and I need images. Alternatively, if you know of any other way to generate images for any of these events, I...
  9. u Cube

    How to Get Sub-4 on Skewb | How to be Sub-X

  10. teboecubes

    2 Ways To Solve The Ivy Cube | Ivy Cube Tutorial

  11. u Cube

    2.75 PB Ao5 | Skewb

    Lol first solve 1. (8.72) R' L' U' L' B' R' U L' 2. 2.94 B' L' R U R' U L' U L' 3. (2.23) R' L U R' U' L B' U 4. 2.24 U L' B U R U' L' R' 5. 3.06 U R' L U R B' L' R
  12. AbsoRuud

    Double Skewb

    I received the Double Skewb from MoYu store the other day. It's a well turning puzzle. Stiff at first, but it loosened up pretty quickly after a bunch of turns. The difference between this Skewb and a normal Skewb is that there is an inner center underneath each outer center, that can turn...
  13. u Cube

    1.04 PB Single! | Skewb

    Kinda sub-1 fail cuz of lockup in the middle :(
  14. u Cube

    1.22 PB Single! | Skewb

    Red layer is a cancellation into an ns case. Thanks Carter!
  15. teboecubes

    Skewb Xtreme Tutorial

  16. u Cube

    2.88 Skewb Ao5 | Walkthrough!

  17. u Cube

    2.88 Skewb Ao5 w/ 1.69 Single!

  18. u Cube

    4 Easy 1 Look Cases! | Skewb

  19. Cody_Caston

    Basic fingertricks everyone should know for skewb

  20. brododragon

    The Ultimate Review

    Random note: I accidentally deleted this halfway through and have had to rewrite it :D. Thanks to @WarriorCatCuber for inspiring this. Here's the post. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...