1. V

    My Battle With Pyraminx || We All Have That ONE Event We Struggle With... ||

    We all have that event that we cannot seem to get good at. We all have that one puzzle that feels so foreign in our hands, no matter how many times we have turned it. We all have one. For me, that event is Pyraminx. Now, I am not amazing at any event by any means. I'm not one of those people...
  2. fun at the joy

    [NAR] Luke Van Laningham - 1.88 NAR Pyraminx Ao5
  3. brododragon

    The Ultimate Review

    Random note: I accidentally deleted this halfway through and have had to rewrite it :D. Thanks to @WarriorCatCuber for inspiring this. Here's the post. Also, admins, I don't know how these things work, but please help me with this thread:). [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  4. brododragon

    Changed Pyriminx?

    So, I've been solving the pyriminx a lot lately, and have an idea. What if you made a pyriminx, but just without the corners? The rotating the corners is just a clunky step that takes virtually no skill. Don't you just hate it when you get DNFs because you somehow forgot about/overrotated a...
  5. ProStar

    Beginner's Pyraminx Tutorial [LBL]

    Hello! This is my complete beginner's guide to solving your first Pyraminx. If this is your first puzzle, or you're an experienced cuber, this tutorial should be easy to follow. If you don't understand something, leave a comment and I'll try to help. Have fun! Pieces Center - The three pieces...
  6. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Budget High-end Pyraminx comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison Budget 3x3 comparison Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  7. GAN 356 X

    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    Since I've made a thread on what events should be added, and many people thought events should be taken away before new ones were added, I decided to make a poll on it. 2x2-6x6 are not included because most people will agree are challenging yet don't take too long. Megaminx is also excluded...
  8. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Budget Pyraminx comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison Budget 3x3 comparison Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  9. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best Pyraminx comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison Budget 3x3 comparison Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  10. iLarryTheOneLung

    Mini Personal Competition!

    The competition will be closed in a week and I'll post the results! This is a competition kind of like the forum ones, but it only has certain events, listed below: 2x2 3x3 Pyraminx Skewb Redi Cube (Moyu/csTimer scrambles) Kilominx Post your times with a reply and please use the scrambles...
  11. CforCuber

    [Member Intro] For Real this time!

    Hey, On my first post i faked it and did not write everything truthfully. I would like to formally say sorry. I'm an Australian cuber, I like mountain biking, I spend alot of time outdoor! When I'm inside all I do is cube, aha, so here are my stats. I will be posting a few solves in which...
  12. U

    What’s your favourite event?

    I personally am getting into Pyra
  13. u Cube

    2.47 Pyraminx PB2 Single + Animated Timer Test

    Ask questions for my qna!!!! If you like my content, subscribe!
  14. u Cube


  15. PingPongCuber

    [Help Thread] How to store Prymid shaped puzzles.

    Hi! I currently, have 3 Pyraminxs, a Master Pyraminx, a Pyramorphix, and a Mastermorphix. I would like all of my cubes to be on display on one wall, but I cannot get another shelf. I have been getting a lot of cubes recently, and I have resorted to stacking them to conserve room. But the...
  16. ZyCuber

    Vintage 1981 Meffert Pyraminx

  17. tigermaxi

    Solve of the Day! 3x3, 2x2, Skewb, and Pyraminx

    In this thread, I will be posting a daily scramble and we will see who is the winner of the day! Feel free to add reconstructions or notes. scrambles will be posted at about 12 PM EDT every day. all you have to post is your time and the date. also if you can also post your Cube and Method that...
  18. Iggy

    [Malaysian NR] Ainesh Sevellaraja 3.51 Pyraminx Average with 2.49 Single

    3.15, (2.49), 3.62, 3.77, (4.58) = 3.51 Completely unexpected! Scrambles were easy. The 2nd scramble was 3 moves to a 2 flip :P Also yay for table cam Pyraminx: Modded Shengshou Final round of Malaysia Cube Open 2015
  19. DGCubes

    [Unofficial] 3.25 Pyraminx PB Average of 12 - DGCubes

    PB on cam! Sorry for the bad lighting; it was filmed at night, but I kind of had to upload, because, well, PB! :)

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