selling cubes

  1. MichaelZRC

    Selling 12 Puzzles + Free FitBit, Timer, and Pyraminx with first three orders!

    Hello, since I am not cubing anymore, I would like to give back to the active community and sell ~12 of my puzzles. I will accept offers on all of the items sold and pricing is based on how much I think they are worth and their sentimental value to me (some of the puzzles do have some...
  2. NatoCuber54

    I'm selling a Moyu Weilong GTS2 M, and a Yuxin Huanglong M.

    Cubes are for the most part in great condition. The only thing is that the GTS2 M has some slight chips in the stickers and the on the Huanglong I swapped out the green side for a Limette Green. PM me for photos. Price is negotiable.
  3. L

    I wanna sell my cube collection

    Hello just found my old cube collection If any of you wants something in there for a small price + shipping just let me know. If you want the whole thing propose me a good price.
  4. danz

    Selling Aosu WRM 4x4 $35 Including Shipping + Other Cubes

    PM for pictures. It is set up with Angstrom Gravitas, Dignitas, and DNM-37. Also selling: Qiyi Qiheng S Meganinx - $10 Yuxin Magnetic Square One w/ Extra Slice Magnets - $15 Qiyi Wuque 4x4 Non-magnetic - $15 Guoguan 2x2 Non-magnetic - $10 Black Shengshou (no stickers) 2x2 - $5 Shengshou...
  5. C

    Good cubes for good prices! Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!
  6. T

    Trade a $20 cubicle gift voucher for new or second hand cubes.

    Hello. I live in the AU, but have a 20$ cubicle gift card which I would like to trade for a second hand or new cube, as their shipping is too expensive to Australia. Preferably, 3x3's and 4x4's. Thanks everyone.
  7. R

    Vintage rubix mini cube (unpacked) 1974

    Is there any info anyone could give me on this, (price wise) as I can’t see anything on the internet like this
  8. I

    Selling 16 cubes from Ireland

    I am selling a collection of cubes on ebay if anyone is interested. The link...
  9. CuberRiley

    Selling a Bunch of Cubes!

    Ayyyeee, the video talking a bit about it is here (srry for low qual) And you can find the PDF with all the prices & cubes right here
  10. Tanzer

    Huge Sale!

    SALE HAS ENDED- ASK FOR PICTURES, PM ME Pic below SHIPPING IS FREE FOR $10 OR MORE, ONLY WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA Sold so far: Lingao clock, mini zhanchi, mini 7x7, megaminx, aolong v1, square-1 Starting from the left: --Lingao clock-- cracked as shown. Pins...
  11. D

    20+ Cubes to Sell!

    I have quite a few cubes that are in great condition that I wish to sell. PM me if you're interested! List below: Cubic: Stickerless Diansheng 3x3 Stickerless 3x3 Wellness Ball White SS 6x6 White SS 7x7 White SS 9x9 Shape Mods: White 2x2 Dodecahedron White Pyramorphix White...
  12. SolveThatCube

    Selling/Trading Second-Hand Cubes

    Hey Cubers, I have some WCA puzzles I would like to sell/trade. I can bring them to Thailand Championship 2014 for those of you who are going (to sell/trade) if you're interested. I will also sell them overseas but you will have to pay for shipping. *All prices are negotiable.*...
  13. D

    A bunch of cubes for Sale/Trade

    I have 30+ cubes I want to sell/trade. Here's a photo album of my entire collection: There's 40+ in my entire collection, so I'm not gonna list them. I haven't put a price on anything yet, but I'm taking offers. Thanks!
  14. D

    25+ Cubes BST

    I have 25+ Cubes I want to unload. Here's a list. If interested give me an offer. Here's a picture of my entire collection If you see something you might be interested in, I might want to sell it even if it's not listed. Thanks! Diansheng Stickerless 3x3 3X3X2...
  15. C


  16. B

    Selling modern puzzles

    selling white zhanchi with tiles $10-13 green lubix elite wannabe $15-20 cube4you 3x3x7 $8 V-cube 5 pi mod with cubesmith stickers $20 dayan stickers $1(double set) negotiable on any puzzle
  17. cubeflip

    Antelope Valley Summer 2012 (Palmdale, CA)

    Hello, this is the thread for Antelope Valley Summer 2012. Here is the website: All the information is on the website, and if you have any questions you can ask them in this thread or on the contact page of the website. This competition is...
  18. K

    Selling puzzle lot (USA buyers only)

    Contains white 5x5 knockoff, white SS 4x4x4 V III, Black Qj Megaminx, Black/gold mirror cube, White 3x3x3 stickerless ball, White Cube4you 3x3x4 And disassembled Black Eastsheen 4x4 knockoff If Requested i will lube any/all cube(s) with CRC. all are almost brand new, SS 4x4, C4U 3x3x4, QJ...
  19. G

    Looking to trade/sell a couple cubes

    im trying to get rid of: mefferts gear cube extreme, with ultimate stickers (got it about a week ago, not worth 40 bucks) Black Eastsheen 4x4,5x5 (not that used, stickers worn a tiny bit. lubed with jigaloo) White 2x2x3 (unknown brand, not assembled) im looking for nothing specific...