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Selling 12 Puzzles + Free FitBit, Timer, and Pyraminx with first three orders!


Jun 6, 2020
Florida, Hell
Hello, since I am not cubing anymore, I would like to give back to the active community and sell ~12 of my puzzles. I will accept offers on all of the items sold and pricing is based on how much I think they are worth and their sentimental value to me (some of the puzzles do have some sentimental value to me).
As stated in the title, the first order can receive a free FitBit Charge 2/ Green Yuxin timer (Buyer Choice). The second order will receive the option that the first buyer did not choose, and the 3rd buyer will receive an unbranded Pyraminx (Order must be above $8 USD) If all puzzles are bought at once ($90-95 USD Combo deal) you will receive all the free rewards.

The Puzzles :

Gan 356 Air M 3x3 (Stickerless) - $25 USD

X Cube Master - $15 USD

Dayan Tengyun M with original box (Stickerless) - $18 USD

Moyu RS3 M 2020 (Stickerless) - $5 USD

Un-Stickered MGC 2x2 - $8 USD

QiYi Stickerless Windmill Cube - $3 USD

Five Below Mirror Cube - $1 USD

Qiyi Pyraminx - $3 USD

Unknown Brand Skewb - $3 USD

MoYu 42mm 3x3 - $5 USD

QiYi Megaminx - $5 USD

Original Gan Air 3x3, partially stickered, Magnetized (With GES Nuts extras) - $20 USD

Payment Methods accepted:

USD: Paypal Send/Receive
Crypto: Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Shipping will most likely be USPS and only within the continental United states. The shipping provider is not officially decided however.

Please PM for photos of items and every and all questions related to this listing. Orders will be "processed" a bit later since I am still setting up shipping and other logistics. Have a great day speed-solvers!