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20+ Cubes to Sell!


Mar 13, 2014
I have quite a few cubes that are in great condition that I wish to sell. PM me if you're interested! List below:


Stickerless Diansheng 3x3
Stickerless 3x3 Wellness Ball
White SS 6x6
White SS 7x7
White SS 9x9

Shape Mods:

White 2x2 Dodecahedron
White Pyramorphix
White Hexaminx
Black Calendar Cube
Black Mirror Blocks/Bump Cube
White Fisher Cube
White Axis Cube


White LanLan 3x3x2 Pie
Clear C4U 3x3x4
White C4U 3x3x5

Other Cubes:

White QJ Megaminx
White QJ Skewb
White Gear Cube
White Square-1
White Rex Cube
White Curvy Copter
White C4U Teraminx

I have photos by request. All in good condition! Thanks!