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[Help Thread] [Roux] 2-look CMLL lookahead tips

Jan 13, 2019
Thread starter #1
Hi all!

I currently average around 35 with Roux and 2-look CMLL. I know I have to work on first and second block, but when I slow-solve I notice that the biggest pause I make is after executing CMLL to check which perm alg to use. I use J-Perm and Y-Perm, so for J-Perm I have to AUF to set it up. I usually end up looking at all of F, L, B, R until I either find a matching corner pair, in which case I AUF to start J-Perm - or I don't, in which case I execute Y-Perm.

Aside from "learn full CMLL", which I will once I average around 20, does anyone have tips on how to spot which perm alg it'll be while executing the CMLL alg, or even before?

Sep 26, 2017
If you look at the three Corners/ four Spots you see when you look at two sides - on a Diagonal Swap both Spots on any side will be opposite, which means if both sides you look at have opposite colors, it's a Y Perm.
- on a Adjacent Swap you will either have a matching side or one opposite and one adjacent pair

Do a J Perm with your preferred orientation
If you look at F and R, R has an Opposite Pair and F has an Adjacent Pair
Do a U
The same but switched
Another U
Now you see a matching pair

Hope that helps