1. B

    Torque on Conventional Cubes

    Hello, I am a student doing a robotics project, you guessed it, a Rubik's cube solver! The device will user linear solenoids to press grasping claws, rotated by steppers or servos, onto the cube faces. Two questions: -Does anyone know the torque required to turn the face of a standard Rubik's...
  2. GAN 356 X

    Qiyi Qiyi S easy mods

    I was wondering if there were any easy mods to do on the Qiyi Qidi S 2x2. If there is not I will probably sell it to a non-cuber
  3. A

    Fairly New To Speedcubing, Have A Set Of Questions I Want To Ask

    Apologies in advance if any of my questions have been answered prior to this :P 1. I have a good feeling that this has been asked already, but how long would it take for a normal person to learn CFOP? Please just an estimate. 2. I've heard being color neutral is really helpful. I was just...
  4. Filipe Teixeira

    Begginer method with tricks

    Since I learned the begginer's method I learned some tricks that I can now incorporate into solves (mostly edge insertion). Here are some of example solves: /* Scramble */ U B2 U L F2 U' L' B2 R B R2 L2 B R2 B' U2 L2 B2 D2 R2 /* Solve */ z2 B2 u' R' U2 F2 D // cross L' U L2 U' L' //...
  5. DW9550

    Hello :D

    Hi! It's my 18th birthday tomorrow (6th Dec) XD I'm from the UK. My parents first bought a rubiks brand cube for me in 2005. I played with it all the time, but I could never solve it. I then lost it somewhere in the house :( This year, towards the end of July, I found it again! I decided to...
  6. Patrick M

    Patrick Here from Columbus/Marietta Georgia :o

    Hey guys! I'm Patrick, originally from Columbus, Ga. I've known how to cube for 5-7 years now! But, only recently have I gotten kinda serious about it. My krazy korean friend YongTae Lee got me into cubing. I was blown away by him solving it once, and so I got a cube and learned...
  7. Pokerizer

    Noob trying to judge my progress

    Well first of thanks for all the knowledge you all share on this forum, between this and badmephistos tutorials I have gotten my 3x3 average down from 5min when I first solved a rubiks cube about a month And a half ago to 1min 6sec. And a best time of 50.9 sec. I'm pretty sure it will be a...
  8. PandaCuber

    You can sub 20 - Roux Version.

    Hello fellow cubers! I don't know if you all have seen 'cyoubx' videos. But he had this short series of "You can be sub-20 without..." Using CFOP of course.. So.., where i live, it is now summer time and I have nothing to do, so I thought I'd do a You can sub 20 with Roux! :D I will...
  9. PandaCuber

    Beginners Time.

    Well I havent been cubing for long and I would like to post my times in a place were there arent sub 15 second times lol. Average: 50.25 Average of 3: 48.26 Standard Deviation: 5.98 1. 48.99 2. 51.89 3. 44.46 4. 58.13 5. 47.73 6. 58.79 7. 47.13 8. 43.33 9. 57.80 10. 56.77 11...
  10. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] 3x3 30.77 Second Solve

    This is my road to sub 20. I do cross, F2L, 2 look OLL, 2 look PLL in 30 seconds. I think thats good time. If you guys could please tell me what i could do better next time or if im even in the right track. PS: I just uploaded it, so I dont know if it finished with the video settings.
  11. M

    Greetings - MrSpike

    Hello everyone, it's nice to be a part of the community! I am a 16 year old English guy who has been cubing for about a month now (20th august 2011) and have been captivated by speedsolving and other twisty puzzles. I have in that month aquired a regular storebought 3x3, Ghost Hand 3x3, 2x2...
  12. migster99

    Hello Peoples!

    I have been looking around the forum for a couple of weeks and decided to start posting. I've been a cuber since the fall, when one of my friends taught a beginners method. Now I am faster than him! I have a cube i have yet to identify, all i know is that it pops ALOT. Now I am ordering a Sheng...
  13. nickcolley


    Hi, I'm Nick and i'm from the UK. Not really sure how many UKers speedcube or how many there are on this site though :P I've only started recently and i'm around the 50 second mark, so nothing special. Erm, Yeah brilliant introduction. Oh. I have a Mini 2x2, a Store bought 3x3, a Stickerless...
  14. supernova

    weird orietation...?

    I'v been cubing for a while (as a beginer) but ive only recently become interested in speedsolving. The question i have is this. I've solved the centres and aligned the edges of my 4x4 cube as well as solved the f2l, or in the case the f3l. Why now do i get to the last layer only to find an...
  15. dillonbladez

    Choosing your cube (Answers for newbs)

    This is for beginners. Intermediates need not view this whole thread. I'm aware that there are several threads like these, Choosing a Cube, for Noobs In particular. However, these have not been updated for quite some time, and I think I hold enough knowledge to recommend cubes to newbs. This...
  16. F

    [Help Thread] Axis Cube Discussion and Help Thread

    Hello, im new around here.. I visit the site everyday but now i decided to register (sorry for my english im from Argentina) I bought today a Axis Cube, at first i was liek Duh!? but then I break it and see the heart of it.. and i realise that is a 3x3x3 cuore! <3 But now i have a question...
  17. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube is this?" The cube / puzzle identification thread

    there have been a lot of threads for identifying cubes, so i thought why not put them all into one thread? Rules: 1. resize your picture (if any) 2. no spam. THIS IS NOT SANDBOX 3. Give as much description as possible or pictures of the mechanism. nobody could identify your cube if you...