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Hello :D


Nov 24, 2013
It's my 18th birthday tomorrow (6th Dec) XD
I'm from the UK.
My parents first bought a rubiks brand cube for me in 2005. I played with it all the time, but I could never solve it. I then lost it somewhere in the house :(
This year, towards the end of July, I found it again! I decided to finally learn how to solve it, and so learned the beginner's method from YouTube.
I executed my first solve on 25th July, and I was very proud. I did it in front of 2 of my friends.
I then taught my best friend how to solve the cube using the beginner's method, and gave him my notes.
We both continuously got faster and faster. When I was averaging around 1 min 20 secs, I learned the CFOP method, and my friend did too.
After 3-4 months of practice, we are where we are today. He is slightly faster than me, averaging about 35 seconds, while I average around 40 seconds.
I currently own a Dayan Zhanchi Stickerless 3x3, a Shengshou 4x4, a Lan Lan 2x2 and a megaminx, which I don't know the brand of :/
Just wanted to introduce myself :)