1. Etotheipi

    Lights Out Methods and Algorithms

    So, to practice PyQt5, I decided to make a simple Lights Out game for practice, which made me think of methods for it. Right now I just "drag" the light to one side, but I can't do anything with it from that point. So i thought it would be interesting to explore its methods and algorithms.
  2. U

    Ribbon Method vs ZZ-CT

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on these forums and I thought I might as well say hey and ask a question. So, I've recently started learning TTLLs for ZZ-CT or Ribbon Method. I can't decide, although I'm leaning towards the Ribbon Method despite the slight higher alg count. Are the skip...
  3. T

    [Unofficial] 9.13 average of 5 with 5 different methods

    8.14 (Petrus), 10.71 (ZZ), 8.55 (Roux), 7.27 (CFOP), 11.49 (Freefop) = 9.13 average of 5 (9.23 mean of 5) Cube: aolong v2 Don't have scrambles, sorry. I'm planning on taking a bit of a break from cubing now as I have important exams coming up and I need to focus. So until summer, I won't be...
  4. T

    Method Database Idea

    With all the wonderful methods that people come up with all the time, I think that it would be super convenient to have some sort of database, or website, to keep track of all the methods. Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have been coming up with ideas in how this website would be...
  5. T

    [Unofficial] 9.83 ZZ method average of 12

    Reaction at 5:40 8.00, 11.78, 9.52, (12.22), 9.81, 10.43, (7.81), 10.42, 9.31, 9.92, 9.22, 9.89 = 9.83. Bolded is a 9.48 avg5 Finally. Very happy with this because of all the close misses I had today. I need to take a long break from ZZ now... Yeah, I'm pretty much doing EOcross all the...
  6. T

    [Unofficial] Sub 10 with 10 methods

    Not that impressive when you consider that half of these methods are just CFOP variations. However, I think I've played by the same rules as everyone else who has made a "sub x with y methods" video (For example, ZB, MGLS and CFCE are considered different methods in Ben's video as well). I had...
  7. King Mike

    The Salvia Method (Tutorial Needed)

    Hi guys... I really want to switch my method because I'm am currently stuck at around 22 seconds with CFOP...and I'm kinda getting bored of it. I've considered ZZ, but EO line is crazy. I've also considered Roux, its a possibility...but I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the Salvia method after...
  8. King Mike

    How did your averages change through experience?

    I'm just curious of your averages and how they changed through experience. Please also list how your methods have changed... I'm just wondering how my cubing experience is different than yours, and I'm also wondering how I progress compared to others :) Here are mine: Week 4: Avg 1:47 (PB...
  9. Berkmann18

    F2LL cubers

    I post this thread because I wondered if there was speedcubers using F2LL methods, because in my opinion F2LL methods such as VH and [intuitive] ZB deserve a lot more attention. I don't think that everyone should use CFOP. I heard quite a lot people saying "the WR holders use CFOP so you should...
  10. 2180161

    POLL: What method do you guys use?

    What method do you guys use? Im curious to see what is the most popular, as i am running fromm method to method trying to find one I really like.
  11. supercavitation

    Switching from Hoya to Yau

    A few days ago, I decided to switch from Hoya to Yau for 4x4. I'm having trouble getting used to making the cross edges without the centers to line them up against, but that'll go away with time and practice. If anyone has has any tips or tricks, I'd be happy to hear them, though. My question...
  12. A

    Best official times per method

    Hi, Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what are the best official times done with methods other than Fridrich/CFOP ? For example, what is the official best single/average using Petrus, ZZ, Roux, Heise, HTA, Sandwich, LCBM, ... ? Thx, Adragast
  13. CubeThing

    What Method Do You Use?

    These are the methods I use for different puzzles: 3x3x3: Beginner with intuitive F2L 2x2: Few Algorithms Method Pyraminx: No Algorithms Method/ Intuitive What methods do you use? (By The way I am a fairly new cuber, thats why I use no alg methods and beginners etc.)
  14. *LukeMayn*

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Read before posting. Search before posting a question. The "search thread" tool in this thread can be used to see if someone already asked a similar question here. Depending on the question, you may also find answers on the Speedsolving Wiki, or in other threads. If you have questions about WCA...