1. GAN 356 X

    What 2x2 method do you use?

    Simliar to the 3x3 method thread, this one is for 2x2. I personally use Ortega because I cannot be bothered to learn that many algorithms for an event that is so fast anyway. Instead I am working on Ortega optimisation through watching J Perms videos There is a good chance I have missed out on...
  2. ProStar

    Beginner's Pyraminx Tutorial [LBL]

    Hello! This is my complete beginner's guide to solving your first Pyraminx. If this is your first puzzle, or you're an experienced cuber, this tutorial should be easy to follow. If you don't understand something, leave a comment and I'll try to help. Have fun! Pieces Center - The three pieces...
  3. Wish Lin

    2x2 CLL First Layer Database(Contribution Needed!)

    I just saw some ridiculously efficient first layers in the 2X2 Example solve thread, but those are not that systematical for starters to find, so I decided to start this thread to help me and a lot of others out there. There will be 50 2x2 Scrambles below, and please comment below your FL...
  4. Ickathu

    [Help Thread] Pyraminx Discussion

    Yay for pyra! Yeah, there's not a thread for pyraminx, and ottozing's recent megaminx thread made me think that a pyra thread would be good too. Discuss algs, methods, hardware, whatever you want to discuss that is pyraminx related. If you have any questions, post 'em here!
  5. S

    Hi from speedcuber50

    Hi! I've been speedcubing for a few years now. Well... not really a few years non stop. I started cubing for myself (i.e. not my mom doing it for me!) about three years ago. I got the times down to about 1:2x. I then put my cube away, and left it for a year or so. I've recently come...
  6. pierredewet12


    I would like to find out what would be the fastest beginner method, to use . by this i mean that i would like to find out the fastest layer by layer (LBL) algorithms that there are. i do not require specific whole methods but the fastest algorithms in order to do each layer. every beginner...
  7. cannon4747

    4x4 LBL Method

    what i do: 1: layer one (centers cross corners - ccc) i solve the first center then the cross edge pairs and insert corners. 2: 2nd layer (centers edges - 2ce) i use the center swapping algorithm used in cage to solve the 2nd layer centers (its helpful to make the side of the...
  8. C

    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks Discussion and Help

    Guides How to guide: clicky Exercises and tips: clicky Les Finger Tricks (French): clicky Videos
  9. D

    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I have not been practicing Fridrich F2L more than a few weeks. I wrote these personal notes for helping myself out getting better. if you have any thoughts feel free to post them. my biggest problem is to spot the two pieces (looking ahead). putting them together is really intuitiv when you...