1. T

    Alg discussion

    This thread is an attempt at the question we've all asked a bunch of times: What alg set should I learn next? I know F2L OLL AND PLL. I am now clueless about what to learn next.
  2. Sub1Hour

    Summer 2020 Goals

    Summer is only a few days away and It's always a good idea to set goals for yourself, so you should post them here! I'll give the goals for the events I care about 5x5: Get a sub 1:05 avg and become sub 1:10 global 6x6: Sub 2 Single and Sub 2:25 global 7x7: Sub 3:20 single and sub 3:45 global...
  3. Vlaya

    Hiding the timer sped up my solves

    I tried hiding the timer while I was solving, and it was immediately noticeable in my times, I just improved my AO5 and AO12 PB from more than half a second (16 and 17.53 seconds) I use , which is great but the timer display is very big and visible, and it always really distracted...
  4. S

    Feeling slightly un-motivated.

    So I've been cubing on and off for several years, I think I started in 3rd grade, and then got into it a little bit in 6th, but now I've been going for about 6 months, and have gotten pretty fast. I went from around 40s in September to around 18s now, but I'm having trouble improving recently...
  5. GAN 356 X

    The 'What should I work on?' thread

    This thread is for stating your average times and breaking up each step and asking how you could improve. This is not limited to just 3x3 so feel free to ask about any other event. Hopefully it will help people work on the part of their solves that is holding them back. To start off with: I...
  6. Dylan Swarts

    Welcome Teen Speedsolvers!!

    Hey Everyone. Here in RSA there aren't many cubers and I want to form a little group thing. Preferably teens. My goal is to have us talk and grow as cubers and share cubing moments together! Anyone interested can drop a message and maybe we can form a discord. Cya!
  7. C

    A way to get better.

    So, hello everyone. Today I want to tell you a way to get better at any cube.(Improvement time can vary.) A few ways I want to talk about, first one is:Stop being lazy and learn algorithms that are good and fast not ones which are easy to learn. This is a thing i realized how crucial it...
  8. CubeCow

    Improving white cross speed?

    What can I do to speed up my white cross? It normally takes me around ten seconds, which is awful because some people average around ten...
  9. pjk

    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    This thread is to be used for miscellaneous One-Answer Questions that don't belong in the other One-Answer threads in this forum. ----------------------------------------------