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YLM 4x4 M very loose after messing up the centers


Apr 2, 2020
Alright, so.. I was once tinkering my 4x4 (lubing, cleaning) and I unscrewed the centers. What I didn't realize at the time is that it matters which way I put it back in. You see, the center pieces have small things on them that stops the core from moving when it's not supposed to (I think). At first, my cube wouldn't turn at all. It would just get stuck. I eventually managed to fix it with some help but after that, the cube became extremely loose.

The center pieces don't stay in place and move around a lot, which causes the edge pieces to be able to move around the place as well. The cube is very unstable (doesn't pop though) and gets stuck while solving. The cube is tightened all the way.

I've tried asking for help on Reddit but couldn't get a working fix (or maybe I did and I screwed it up again. It's also possible that the problem is not related to the centers at all.

There are no mission pieces.

I'm happy to add more info if necessary.

Thanks in advance.