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Speedcubing Jokes Here!!

Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
This thread went downhill really fast. Let's try to do some original jokes and not just post simple moves or meme pictures.


Idiot: How many cubes would a cubing cuber cubing cubes cube in a cubing cube cubers cubing cube session if cubing with a cubing cubers cubing cube made for a cubing cuber cubing cubes?

@BenChristman1: What?

@ZF slow: idk just git gud bru.

@Filipe Teixeira: If a cubing cuber cubing cubing cubers cubing cubes a cubing cuber cubing the cubing cubers cubing cube would cube a cubing cube until the cubing cuber cubing a cubing cube for cubing tires of cubing a cubing cubers cubing cube. It really depends on if the cubing cuber cubing a cubing cube is capable of cubing cubes for long periods of time.
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