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Parents threw away cubes


Dec 3, 2019
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I'm a parent and I'll never ever do that to my child. I may hide it after explaining the reason to do it and giving the opportunity to right the wrong. Never will I do anything like this as a small thing like cube may be a toy for a parent but it can mean a world to the child and you can't just destroy their world.

If you're closer to older sibling or grandparents then talk to them and tell them how you feel. Somehow let the feeling known to your parents and discuss it, otherwise this can cause issues in relationship in long term. I'm telling from experience. My dad used to be like that and its taken me more than a decade to be somewhat normal with him and as a child I actually made a list of things I'll never do as a parent and I follow that list. Never throw a child's toy is on the list.

Regarding the way you're feeling right now, its tough but tough is what helps you grow as a person. You're feeling the pain of losing something you loved and that is a pain you'll have to face many times all your life and you need to learn how to be happy again without it.
Understand that parent's action may not have been right but you did something that made them do it and from now on you have to make sure that you don't do anything like that again.

Time will make you feel alright man, I lost my Little Magic last month and for many hours I was frowning like a 10 year old (I'm 30) LOL. Felt ok afterwards. Take care man.


Dec 2, 2017
Maine, USA
Probably the best thing you can do is talk it out with your parents. Try to understand why your cubes were thrown away and tell them your thoughts about it. And doing what you can to get on their good side should definitely help but don't lose integrity. Don't let them think they can do whatever they want to you. Don't let them win. Just try to come to a mutual understanding and resolve whatever problems there are between you. And keep cubing.


Dec 19, 2019
I can see a parent grounding people from cubes (when I was younger, my parents confiscated all my cubes for two weeks because my grades fell.), but I could never see a parent throwing away cubes. I'm pretty sure your parents took a last-minute stand to "force you to quit", not necessarily ground you.

As I understand from your relatively cryptic post above, you said "yes" to a question without thinking? If so, your parents may think you told a huge lie, or went outside of their morals (very common with religious parents, if you are in a religious household this may explain it) and decided to throw them away in a rage. I would take a few days to cool off and talk to your parents about it in a few days, and try to meet the common ground, and apologize. I'd avoid talking about buying new cubes for a while, as they would probably be super unhappy. As well, I'd try to contribute more around the house. Get off the phone and clean your room and the house, try cooking dinner or doing the family laundry. This will get you on the good side of your parents.

Overall, This may be a good time to back away from cubing for a bit and participate more in life. Even though losing your favorite hobby for a bit sucks, a break can be a really good thing.
That is the best thing you could possibly do
this guy knows what he is talking about... I have had similar but less extream experiences he is not wrong

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