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Older cubers discussions


Mar 25, 2019
Check out jperms cross video on youtube.

It’s not his first one or second, it’s from about a month ago and is all about efficient finger trick-friendly solutions.

He does about ten examples, first giving you the scramble then asking you to pause and find your own solution then watch his solution.

You could spend a whole hour just thinking about each one. To just watch it once from start to finish would miss the point, I think.

I keep meaning to go back to it. My cross solutions are poor when it is more than five moves and I need a lot of time to think about things to come up with a good solution. I only posted the one above after being inspired by open seas slice suggestion which made me start thinking about it.

Anyway happy cubing
Thanks, sounds good, I'll check it out. If nothing else it might serve as inspiration and encourage me to stop being lazy with my cross.