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Goals Thread

Dylan Swarts

Jun 10, 2018
South Africa
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I wish to break AfR single for multibld (possible very easily, I just need to be calm and not screw up because of nerves).
Bring our NR 3bld sub 1 (1:03.19 now)
Break NR 4bld sub 5 hopefully
Break AfR 5bld sub 15.
The bigblds will only be able to happen mid-May because that is our only comp with bigbld every year..
The Multi and 3bld I hope to achieve in February!
I also want to avg mid 30P in multi by end of 2020 (currently like 14)
And finish learning 3 style for 3x3 by 1 Jan 2020
MAYBE know FULL 3 style (so bigBLD too) by 1 Jan 2021 but I have no big hopes yet..


Jul 25, 2019
September 23rd 2019 - TODAY
3x3 //// Ao12: 19.69 (sub-20)

December 31st 2019
3x3 //// Ao12: 16.99 (sub-17)
After 75 days, I GOT IT!!! Sub-20 -> Sub-17 in Ao12 :D

Generated By csTimer on 2019-12-05
avg of 12: 16.91

Time List:
1. 16.79 U' D2 F' U' L' B' L2 D L' U2 L B2 L' F2 D2 B2 U2 R U2 R2 B
2. 16.49 D2 B' L2 D2 L2 B2 U R2 B2 U' F2 D L R2 D2 U' F' D R2
3. 15.67 D2 F2 U2 R2 D' B2 U' F2 U' R2 F U' B2 L' R U R F' R
4. 18.58 B' L2 U' F' U F2 L' F2 R U2 F L2 U2 F2 R2 B' D2 F2 R2 F
5. 17.20 D2 F' R2 D F2 D' F2 D2 U' L2 R2 B2 L' D2 B L2 R D' B' U
6. 16.85 U' L D2 R U2 R' B2 R U2 L2 D2 R' U2 F L U L' R' D2 R'
7. 15.37 D F' U' B2 L2 R2 D L2 D F2 D2 U' B L' R U' B2 F D2 L'
8. (15.15) R2 U2 B' D2 L2 B' U2 F U2 F D B' U' L' B U R2 D2 L' F2
9. 16.84 B2 L F' R2 F2 R2 B D2 B L2 R2 B F U' F D' L' F L' R'
10. 17.33 B2 D2 B2 U2 B R2 F D2 B' D2 U2 F' L' D2 U' R' F2 D' L2 B' D'
11. (19.25) B2 R2 U B2 D2 R2 U L2 D' U' R D' F' L' B R D2 L' B' D' B'
12. 17.94 F2 R D2 R B2 L2 R' D2 B2 F2 D B' L2 U B' R B L2 U'

You can come, 2020!


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, U.S.A.
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Wiscube 2019, my last comp of 2019

3x3: <10 single, 11 average, top 10 8.60 single and 10.31 average
5x5: <1:50 if I practice, <2:00 if I don't practice I practiced? 1:40 single and 1:45 average
FMC: <30 single, <35 average, no >38 31 single and DNF mean but actually 32.67 although I feel like I entered everything correctly. I might have done one of the rotations (yes i suck) incorrectly on the last solve so oh well
Feet: <30 single, <40 average, win 31.6 single 39.0 average, both top 90 WR
Megaminx: <50 single, <55, win 48 single and 52 average, second place but that's totally fine

Clean up my ZBLLs too, cause that will help: Lol i wish this happened. I didn't even review them
Full: T, Pi
5/7: U
Full: 2Gen
Diag: H, S/As
Overall fantastic 3x3, Feet, and Mega results. It was a really fun comp and a great note to end the year.
Fingers crossed I stay top 100