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GAN 13 Maglev


Jan 5, 2018
Genoa, Italy
Seems like the non-fx is the more "complete" version if I understand correctly, but I'm not really sure. Guess we'll see at launch.


Feb 12, 2021
outside DC
Not quite sure I get what the fx is supposed to be.

I'm wondering how much more speedcubes can realistically "improve". There has to be a point of plateau. How much different can the 13 be from the 12?

For a while there it seemed like companies were releasing a new cube every week. Qiyi, Gan, Dayan, Moyu, MGC, YJ, .. then maglev hit,.. and it sort of stopped.

We got 3 maglev cubes (that I know of, RS3, Weilong, Gan),.. and ... doesn't seem like much has happened. since.

I'm curious about the 13 and what improvements it could have over the 12. If any, .. it's probably just different.

I never picked up a 12, maybe when the 13 comes out and the price drops some I'll grab one. I still think the 356 M Lite is a great Gan cube,.. and the 11 Duo is fantastic as well.

Not trying to sound negative. I own dozens and dozens of speedcubes and if I'm honest with myself they all perform pretty similar,.. some have a different feel but they're all about the same. I just wonder how much more innovation can there really be in our favorite twisty puzzles.
Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
Depends on how you look at it. I'd like to see GAN try making a different line of cubes instead of just adding a feature, raising the price and calling it a day.
There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. They probably spent an entire week thinking of just the name. And I'm sure recycling the design from the 11 and 12 and just adding one single thing took months of hard work and determination.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

Edit: Correction, GAN did change the design of their adjustment system. I do not yet know the purpose but it is not something that should be overlooked. This makes two things!
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