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[Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help


Jun 27, 2019
my house, cubing.
if anyone would want to critique this it would be nice considering it is my pb

Scramble: R' F' L2 F2 L2 D2 L2 U F2 U L2 D' R2 U L' B2 R' F U' L' B
y //inspection
R U' R2 y' R' F' l2 //cross (ik its on top)
R U2 R' y' L' U L //first pair
R U' R' //second pair
U2 y R' U2 R U2 R' U R //third pair
y U' L' U' L // fourth pair
U F R U R' U' F' //yellow cross
L' U R U' L U R' U //preserving block causing accidental zbll
Can I just say that CFOP solve was way more efficient than pretty much all of my Petrus ones...
Also, in Speedsolving Dark, your post is grey, but in Normal, it’s black as usual...

Edit: Double post, eek