1. Cuber987

    Competition Experiences Thread

    Post any competition experiences you've had! I met cubehead in person in yopen 2022 Yooo I've also barely missed second round
  2. GAN Lover

    In your opinion, what is the most negative thing that cubing has affected you?

    In your opinion, what is the most negative thing that cubing has affected you? For example: I can’t just stop it.
  3. A

    [Member Intro] Hello! Now that I am a member of this forum, am I a professional speedcuber?

    Hello cubers! I'm Drew. Just got into cubing over Thanksgiving (2022) because Mom got a cheap 3x3 branded with Tennessee Honey and other Jack Daniels whiskey flavors, lol. Sometimes you can even turn the faces on it! My cousin showed me most of a beginner solve, but we got stuck on the last...
  4. TheSpeedSkewber

    POV: A cube appears on the teachers whiteboard

    Is it just me or whenever one of my teachers puts something on the board related to a rubiks cube I feel like the whole class just stares me down 😅
  5. FB Cubing

    My first ever ao5 of 3x3 in an official competition!

  6. Homeschool Cubing

    *Possibility of an unofficial competition in Gowanda, New York*

    So my Dad is the pastor at our church, and we have been thinking about doing an unofficial cubing competition in Gowanda, NY. Nothing is decided yet, I just wanted to see if anyone here could possibly be interested. Here are a few important things about this competition (if it happens): -Masks...
  7. SollsIsCool

    SoCal cubing discord

    Join my socal cubing discord server!
  8. CubeStopCubing

    My Dog Solves a 1x1

    My dog can solve a cube (1x1) and you should check it out and subscribe to my channel!
  9. baseballjello67

    Cubing BattleRoyale July 2022 (2x2, 3x3, 2x2 One-Handed, and 3x3 One-Handed)

    As the title says, @Luke Solves Cubes and @baseballjello67 (and potentially other people) are creating an online competition for July 2022. This competition is open to any skill level. Here is how it works. You will be sorted into levels based on your skill level. There are seven levels for...
  10. CubingPig

    So I just suddenly became sub-25 today...

    No joke, today I just randomly became sub-25. Up until yesterday I was around 27-28 seconds but now I'm getting times like 23s consistently. I have no idea what happened but I just broke my AO5 and AO12 PBs multiple times today. I also got my second sub-20 solve today. However, yesterday I...
  11. SollsIsCool

    Looking to start a cubing club in the Los Angeles county area. (Southern California, USA)

    I’m going to a bruin cube day 2022 at ucla if anyone else is going tell me
  12. Burrito

    GenZ Cubing YT Thread

    Channel: Gaming content (except for the 2x2 one) will be deleted.
  13. S

    Online Cubing Friend Group

    Hey y’all I’m looking to make some friends that have a similar hobby as me, however no one at my school doesn’t even know how to turn a Rubik’s cube. So to be honest I have a lot of friends irl it’s just that I want someone to talk to or a group of people to talk to that share the same interests...
  14. itzwoyingg

    3x3 Main Cube Thread

    Share your 3x3 main here! For me, I use a stickerless Gan 356 RS. Btw, also suggest what is the best 3x3 cube to buy? Suggest in below :D
  15. itzwoyingg

    What Cubing Youtubers Do You Watch?

    I watch from: JPerm : Tutorials in getting faster Tingman : Interesting and fun cubing videos BenTheCuber : Just for fun and relatable cubing things ... and more that I can't think of ...
  16. itzwoyingg

    How many cubes do you own?

    Just wondering how many cubes do you guys own. I own about 10 cubes. - 3x3 x3 - Pyraminx - Skewb - Megaminx - 4x4 - 5x5 - Mirror Cube - 2x2
  17. Me When YuSheng Du Got WR

    Me When YuSheng Du Got WR

    A meme
  18. ElephantCuber

    TOP 10 Cubes To Get For CHRISTMAS!!! (2021 Edition)

  19. CubeRed

    Random cubing facts

    I started this on my profile a while ago, and I'm making it a thread. You can contribute if you'd like. I would try to post at least 3 facts each week. 1. The first Rubiks cube WR was set on July 5th 1982, Budapest. Minh Thai had won the competition and set the WR 22. 95 seconds. Here is the...
  20. Brady

    10 hours of yooo (CubeHead)