1. JP cubing

    I magnetized a cube with 100 magnets

    I used tiny magnets, result was a dissapointment:
  2. JP cubing

    Top Speedcubes 2020

    Please critique my video Or offer opinions
  3. Zain_A24

    The Cubing Trivia Thread

    Hello Everyone The Cubing Trivia Thread is a place in which a cuber asks a speedcubing trivia question. The person that gets the answer correct can then ask their own speedcubing trivia question. It follows a similar format to a few other threads which I cannot find (I will link them in once I...
  4. Owen Morrison

    Come join the Qiyi club for an epic head to head cubing race with the MGC and MOYU cults!!!!!

    I am creating a Qiyi club for people who like Qiyi and their sub brands. Requirements for joining the Qiyi club: You must have 3 or more Qiyi WCA event puzzles or you must main 2 Qiyi WCA event puzzles to be eligible to join.. Valk cubes and X-man cubes count! To be a Member you need 3-5 Qiyi...
  5. T

    Starting a Speed cube review

    I really want to start a speedcube review channel but do not have camera, editing software, microphone or anything. And my parents don't really want my voice on the internet. So maybe I could start a cubing blog? Would anybody actually read cube reviews off of a blog or is it a bad idea. Also...
  6. TheRouxGuy

    Converting reconstructions to videos

    Recently I constructed a few solves and reconstructions on . I found no option to export the file. I wonder whether it is possible to convert it into video format. I would use a screen recorder but the background is checker patterned and I dont know how to change it. Please help.
  7. alexiscubing

    Alexiscubing - Personal Progress - LEARNT SQUAN

    I am focusing on 3x3 and OH at the moment and need advice. My F2L actually sucks and I need help from more CFOP solvers. I average 13-14 on 3x3 and my main event is Pyra. I will be posting example solves on this thread and stuff like that
  8. brododragon

    Cubing fun facts!

    Hi, this thread is for all those fun facts that you can't tell anyone because nobody understands cubing. It just has to be in some, way, shape, or form related to cubing (so not like the thread created by @Aerma). I'll start. In the WCA rulebook, there's a set of rules for how many moves the...
  9. JackJack13

    WeCube Updates:

    We would like to thank Daniel E. from, for forming a partnership with our speedcubing team! This thread will now be used for updates to the team, links to new videos on the WeCube USA YouTube Channel, and other major updates. These are the major update to WeCube: All of our tips...
  10. T

    [Help Thread] Competitions in Chile?

    Hi, speedcubers, I'm Tom, and I'm from Chile. This is my first post in this forum, :) I have never been to a competition, so I want to go to my first one, but I didn't found any competitions in Chile, ¿Do you know where can I find competitions near? Help please!
  11. H.E's a cuber

    Try out this cubing quiz show!

    Hey guys! You should definitely watch this The aim is to try to guess the mystery cubers using the hints given. Its fun too
  12. M

    Creating a speedcubing group for my country

    Hello I want to create a cubing group in my country I need help about how to advertise it What expenses will I face Making people join And everything in general I want to organize a competition first So I seem somewhat competent to owning this speedcubing club And advice or help will be appreciated
  13. PetrusQuber

    [Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help

    So as a request from @Atomixcc, I have started a cubing classroom thing on this thread. So anybody who wants tips and stuff, critiques, help on what to do next, this is the place. You can also pm for one on ones. Anybody can ask for help here, and anybody in this list can respond. PetrusQuber...
  14. Alcs

    Cubing Sheet V3.1

    The version 3.1 of my cubing spreadsheet has been released! I have been working on this spreadsheet for a few months now. There are many features such as an estimation of the date you will reach your customized goal, a move count tracker, another tracker but for every subset of roux/CFOP and a...
  15. u Cube


    It's hard to get subs isn't it? Yea. It is. Currently I am sitting at 172 subscribers on my channel "u Cube". I am by far not a big cubing channel however I do think I can help some smaller creators with less than 150 subs out. So if you have youtube channel and it has less than 150 subs then...
  16. CJCubing

    [NAR] 4.24 NAR by Patrick Ponce

    An amazing North American Record by Patrick Ponce on Cam! :eek::eek::eek::D:D:D
  17. CJCubing

    Why and How did you start cubing?

    Here's a good question: Why and How did you start cubing? Here's my story: In 2017, my school had a competition with our students, and grouped us in teams. When I heard Rubik's Cube, being hosted as one of the games, I immediately joined in. After a day, I was ready. When we got to the...
  18. DesertWolf

    Idea for how Official WCA Events could work.

    So i've had this random idea which can be pretty stupid, but i thought would be worth sharing. So with the discussions around Events being removed/added that surround the community lately i thought of a way of how events can be recognised in the WCA. This may not be too clear but i'll develop a...