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Best spring swap mods


Oct 15, 2018
So, thanks to the guidance and encouragement of Tabe, I have disassembled the stock, stickered Little Magic 3x3 in my collection, and pending delivery of parts, plan to magnetize it, resticker it, and perform a spring swap. I'm a stability-focused cuber; my times are quite slow, and smoothness and stability are what matter most to me.

I have a set of Qiyi Thunderclap springs, a set of Maru CX3 soft springs, and a set of Weilong V2 springs on their way. I've heard the Thunderclap springs pair really well with the Little Magic, but...well, this is all pretty new to me, and I'm having a little bit of "so many options!" disorientation. I'm putting N48s from The Cubicle into it, as mentioned -- understanding of course that mileage varies and "feel" is a very personal thing, could I put out the question to all of you, and ask what you'd recommend for a build like this?

I know that a question like this will likely attract many different opinions; I fully recognize that I'm crowdsourcing opinion here, and welcome it as such. Many thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I chose in the end not to magnetize the cube, and instead, simply swapped in Qiyi Thunderclap springs. I'm really impressed...the cube's gained a great deal of stability, compared to the much softer default springs.
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