1. SpeedCubeReview

    18 Force Cubes out of MeiYings! (16 different colors)

    So I haven't posted in awhile about the site/channel. Last thing I want to do is spam people with my own videos (If people want to be spammed with it they will subscribe). I am really excited about this though. I have seem people make 6 force cubes but I wanted to do more. I bought Cong's...
  2. 2180161

    [Review] Cong's Design MeiYing

    Ok, so I have owned this particular puzzle for 2 days, and have done 1,000 solves. I would say that is has a light, airy, and scratchy feel. It is fast, the fastest cube I have ever owned, and corner-cutting is on par with most cubes on the market. 45 forward, 2/3 reverse. The stock stickers...
  3. L

    Hualong vs Meiying (Poll)

    Which is better? The Hualong or Meiying? I have yet to try the Hualong, but the Meiying is pretty great. It has 50 degree corner cutting and line-to-line reverse. IMO it feels just like the rest of the -ying series. My only problems are the M slices, which are a tad bit slow for my taste, and...
  4. SenileGenXer

    Best spring swap mods

    There is something great about spring swaps especially on big cubes. It's fairly easy to do, you don't have to file anything down and get cube dust everywhere. Below is my list of spring swaps and the results I've gotten so far. I'm usually installing softer shorter springs than the default to...