1. 1MoreSolve

    [Official] Hamilton Spring 2015 Highlights

    Here's a highlights video I made on Hamilton Spring 2015, which was held on the 27th September. Please, let me know what you think. Constructive feedback is welcome.
  2. C

    Moyu Aoshi Mod

    If you change the springs of an Aoshi to Dayan springs and clean out the lube, the cube will become incredibly smooth. Try it and tell me how it works out.
  3. Ollie

    Harrow Spring 2015 (February 28th-March 1st)

    The first UK Comp held in London (and also my first time organizing!) Still waiting for confirmation from WCA, but the venue is the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, based (literally) right next to Northwick Park Station in Zone 4. Everything being held except Square-1 and Feet...
  4. J

    Zhanchi springs

    Hey cubers, I'm Jeraz from India. I recently bought a DaYan Zhanchi for my nephew. The cube was very tight out of the box, so i tried loosening it by reducing the tension. I'd like to point out here, that I'm fairly new to this. Anyway, it seemed to work fine for a while, but then it...
  5. SenileGenXer

    Best spring swap mods

    There is something great about spring swaps especially on big cubes. It's fairly easy to do, you don't have to file anything down and get cube dust everywhere. Below is my list of spring swaps and the results I've gotten so far. I'm usually installing softer shorter springs than the default to...
  6. Noahaha

    [Official] Harvard Spring 4/7 fail MBLD in 58:11

    2:00 for solving. Method: M2/OP Cubes: 3 Zhanchis 3 Guhongs 1 Lunhui I definitely had more trouble concentrating than usual. Disappointing given that my last three attempts were all 7/7. Thanks for judging, Rowe...
  7. Riley

    [Official] Berkeley Spring 2012 - Riley Woo + 11.72 3x3 Average of 5 (tips?)

    Sometimes there's no audio for some reason... but it works fine if you watch it on youtube. And an 11.72 3x3 average of 5. I'd really appreciate any advice, or tips. I'm thinking of learning WV, good idea or no?
  8. M

    [Official] MIT Spring 2012 - A Dramatic Rendition

    My retelling of my experience during the 2012 MIT Spring Competition. gaBOhQfzWTI Check out my page to see my other cubing competition recap video
  9. A

    [Help Thread] My cube has issues! My cube is broken!

    The center cap (or w/e you call it) snapped (well, "flew") off of my cube when i was turning it (i just finished lubing/sanding it) and it won't go back on!! (like, it snapped off and I can't tell if there's supposed to be a piece inside or something, but it won't stay on... every time i put it...