1. CodingCuber


  2. D

    Alex's Progression Thread

    My story What I intend to do Of course, I need a plan to get sub-10. It isn't a walk in the park like sub-20 was. My plan is not only to grind 3x3 like never before, but also to identify any slow parts of my solve and grind until it's fast. And there will be many others things that I will need...
  3. Humble Cuber

    Quest For Sub 10 FreeFOP

    Hello, I am a speedcuber who averages 13-14 on cfop and 17-18 on roux. I love both of these methods and I was looking to learn more, I decided to learn FreeFOP as it combines some of the aspects of CFOP as well as some aspects of roux, I just started it today and in this thread, I will make...
  4. Nir1213

    Nir1213's Quest to Sub-20 with CFOP!

    This is a thread where i practice and learn cases and algs to get to sub 40. Right now i learned intuitive f2l but i also need help and tips with it. so now i have this problem where i see that before i learned intuitive f2l i had a 40 second average on f2l, so i went to learn intuitve f2l to...
  5. R

    Rafaello's Personal Progress Thread (Progressing in squan)

    Hey guys, I decided to make my progress thread on all WCA events (maybe I'll add some non-WCA events for fun later). There will be my averages week by week, goals, mains and other info. If You have any tips that could make me better, post it here. Note: My "week" here is Sunday-Saturday - day...
  6. CuberStache

    The Quest to sub-15 OH with YruRU

    I didn't think I'd be making a quest thread, but here we are! I think the YruRU method has a lot of potential for one-handed solving and I want to push it as far as I can. Sub-15 would be unquestionably faster than my current OH CFOP average, so that's my goal. I'll update the thread every week...
  7. Username: Username:

    My Cubing Progresses (right now its 3BLD)

    This is a thread for my cubing progresses, whether it be 3x3, 4x4, OH or 3BLD. Splits for 3x3 : Cross : 1-1.5 second F2L : 7-8 second OLL : 1.7-2 PLL : 2-2.8
  8. Cubingcubecuber

    Quest For Sub 10 Hawaiian Kociemba | New Directions

    Yup. Probably a bad idea, but I’m doing anyway. Will be using COLL L5EP variant for now.
  9. PetrusQuber

    My Quest for Sub 8 Petrus [PB SINGLE!]

    Yes. I want to see how far Petrus can go in speedsolving, compared to other (way) more explored methods such as CFOP, Roux and ZZ. It’ll probably be way harder than just switching to one of the previously mentioned methods, due to the lack of resources and development, but still doable. I...