1. IsThatA4x4

    IsThatA4x4’s CFOP progression thread // Road to sub 10!

    As of posting this I average sub-18, and I am aiming for sub-15. Using CFOP with full OLL and PLL learning COLL and WV
  2. CubeRed

    | CubeReds progression | Road to sub 15 3x3 against CFOP INC | Journey to sub 1 4x4|

    PROGRESSION Road to sub 20 Day 1 Today, I am posting a progression thread to keep my practice regular and plan what to learn and improve. My competition is a day ahead, so I am going to be prepared as best as I can. I will be updating this thread every day Plan: Review all the PLLs I learnt...
  3. Melvintnh327

    Melvintnh327's Progression Thread | Road to sub-20 3x3

    I've seen a lot of people doing this, so I might as well do it.
  4. Waffles

    A progression thread belonging to waffles

    Guess what? You’re looking at a progression thread!!! I know, none of them exist at all. Ok, I wanted to make a progression thread because I actually want some people to know I have a 40.73 second 4x4 solve and a 1:01.99 mo3. Basically, it’s every other progression thread you’ve ever seen...
  5. Solved_Cuber

    My 4x4 Progression thread

    I average around 2 min on 4x4, with my PB being 1:38. I started 4x4 2 weeks ago, after buying the YJ MGC 4x4 (i highly recomend it btw) i improved a lot. So, in this thread I will be posting my progression, until I average under a minute. Also, if you have any tips on 4x4 you can add it here...
  6. CodingCuber


  7. crazykitten499

    crazykitten499's progression

    O.K.... so, I'm sub 25, and I'm trying to get sub 15 before summer 2021. I do full OLL and PLL I'll try to post ao12s as much as possible. Also, I'll put some filmed solves up. please share tips for getting faster for me if possible.
  8. S

    A Peculiar Progression Thread | Affiliate, Squan, and More

    This will be a simple progress thread with fortnightly updates. May include reconstructions and videos at some point. See you on the flip side. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  9. R

    Rafaello's Personal Progress Thread (Progressing in squan)

    Hey guys, I decided to make my progress thread on all WCA events (maybe I'll add some non-WCA events for fun later). There will be my averages week by week, goals, mains and other info. If You have any tips that could make me better, post it here. Note: My "week" here is Sunday-Saturday - day...
  10. u Cube

    u Cube's Cubing Progression (week idk lol)

    Ight, this seems like a new trend on the forums. Just gonna use 1 thread for all my cubing goals cuz I don't want to clutter the forum. Down below are the cubes I practice and what I average/what my goals are for them: 2x2: PBs- 0.42/1.48 Average- 2.5 Goal- finish eg-1, sub 2.5 3x3: PBs-...