1. J

    Is my progression good?

    I started learning roux on 22th august 202 and a few days ago i got a 15.56 single and 23.5 seconds average. Is this a good progression? 202 = 2020 and 23.5 average of 100
  2. nicholas the cuber

    100/100 2x2 Multiblind Progress Thread

    I want to have a multi blind world record, and 2x2 blindfolded is relatively easy. Also, the best result I saw anywhere is 6/6. I´m taking an incredibly ambitious journey to get 100/100 2x2 multi blind success. I´ll update everyone when I get a new best or something important happens. So far, I...
  3. R

    Rafaello's Personal Progress Thread (Progressing in squan)

    Hey guys, I decided to make my progress thread on all WCA events (maybe I'll add some non-WCA events for fun later). There will be my averages week by week, goals, mains and other info. If You have any tips that could make me better, post it here. Note: My "week" here is Sunday-Saturday - day...
  4. Nmile7300

    My Story of Improvement | Taking a short break

    So I decided I'd better start one of these since I am trying to improve a lot. I will update weekly and change the title to show what I'm working on. Currently I am trying to improve on big cubes. Here are my summer goals. 3x3: Become fully adjusted to CN, sub 9 ao1000 4x4: Be around 37 global...
  5. Triangles_are_cubers

    The Leap towards Sub-10 Clock

    I currently average about 13 and was thinking "hmm, why not post a progress thread towards sub-10?", so that's why this post exists. I use the Picube clock v2 m as my main and have like only 4 sub-10 singles, but I'm ready what clock throws at me. Week 1 will start tomorrow on Monday.
  6. Alcs

    Cubing Sheet V3.1

    The version 3.1 of my cubing spreadsheet has been released! I have been working on this spreadsheet for a few months now. There are many features such as an estimation of the date you will reach your customized goal, a move count tracker, another tracker but for every subset of roux/CFOP and a...
  7. King Mike

    How did your averages change through experience?

    I'm just curious of your averages and how they changed through experience. Please also list how your methods have changed... I'm just wondering how my cubing experience is different than yours, and I'm also wondering how I progress compared to others :) Here are mine: Week 4: Avg 1:47 (PB...
  8. pjk

    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    This thread is to be used for miscellaneous One-Answer Questions that don't belong in the other One-Answer threads in this forum. ----------------------------------------------
  9. C

    Hello! Progress help please?

    i have been cubing for about 3 weeks. I do about 15 solves on weekdays and about 40 on weekends. I have a dayan zhanchi and recently broke a 1 minute average of 12. I normally get around 1 or 2 sub 50 seconds on each average on 12 and have a lucky pb of 36 seconds. I use intuitive f2l and...