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  1. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Non-WCA puzzles magnetisation

    I have long been interested in magnetising non-wca puzzles to give myself more enjoyable solving experiences. Successfully magnetised (I may post on how I did it if highly requested): - Yuxin Gigaminx - Yuxin Multi Skewb - Yuxin Earth 2x2 - ShengShou Phoenix Megaminx - ShengShou Crazy 2x2 -...
  2. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Megaminx shape mod

    I have long been looking for an interesting megaminx shape mod as I already have tons of skewb shape mods, but there are not many mass-produced megaminx mods. I have the ss phoenix megaminx which is too simple for me, the ss crazy megaminx which is not a shape mod, and I am considering the...
  3. highnickk

    What are the best non-WCA big cubes?

    Solving big cubes is fun, and eventually I wanna get into speed solving them, so what are the best big cubes from 8x8 to about 13x13?
  4. Kyoobies

    Master Pyraminx Speedsolving- Creating the Kyoo Method

    Master Pyraminx! So much potential for speedsolving, and such a good non wca option. As of late, I've been working hard at making my own speedsolving method (technically I started it forever ago but am only really working hard at it nooowww... :V ), and I thought here would be a great place to...
  5. F

    NON-WCA Events Comp On Discord🔥(Pyramorphix, Fisher Cube, 2x2 Mirror Blocks, Rubik's Snake, Windmill Cube etc.)

    Anyone interested to compete in a non-wca event tournament over on Discord? Events include (but are not limited to): -Pyramorphix -Fisher Cube -2x2 Mirror Blocks -Rubik's Snake -Windmill Cube Kindly leave a reply to this thread if this interests you^^, or simply hmu on Discord or Instagram at...
  6. teboecubes

    Non-WCA Rubik's Cube TIER LIST

  7. Human Cuber

    The Weirdest Puzlle of All

    Hey guys, I would like to know why this cube is not included in WCA? I'm not familiar with WCA do give me some responds if you know why? Kindly appreciate!
  8. pyrapyravince

    What puzzle should be added to the wca?