1. teboecubes

    I Made My WORST 3x3 GREAT (YJ GuanLong)

  2. SH03L4C3

    Krytox Lubricant

    I use Krytox 205g0 to lube keyboards. This has made me wonder: 1. Has anyone used Krytox to lube their cube? 2. Angstrom Dignitas/Celeritas is applied in the same way as Krytox and has similar consistency. Does Krytox make the cube feel like Angstrom?
  3. Human Cuber

    Gan Magic Lube Review

    Scoreboard is provided as well in the video ENJOY!
  4. Carter Cubes

    lube explained, i guess

    this is a interesting video i made, hope you enjoy
  5. teboecubes

    Future Cube Lube, the lube that makes your SOLVE Better, not just your cube! (Skit)

  6. M

    Gan 356 X cleaning issue

    Hello Everyone. My name is Marcello. I've been using the beautiful Gan X for one months. without any problems. Than i decided to use a lube suggested by a guy from the shop where i bought the cube, and now is a kind of stacked. I cannot actually feel the same smooth feeling that i felt using it...
  7. CornerCutter

    Magnetic LingAo Clocks - Fully Lubed, Magnetized, and Set-up!

    As well as selling clock magnets I'm now selling fully set-up magnetic clocks! I use Traxxas 50K to lube them, N52 Ring Magnets, and N52 5x1mm Disc Magnets. The 5x1 magnets are the real strength, not cheap magnets from eBay. Each clock is $50 with free USA shipping. International shipping is...
  8. Mr.Roux86

    Speed Cube Shop Cosmic Lube Comparison Charts

    I am annoyed that every time I want to use my sCs lube I have to click through many product links to find out how fast or gummy a lube is. So I decided to put together a chart that displayed all of the information in one place. There isn't much more to explain. The links are here. -...
  9. S


    Hello I am cubing 3x3 for a month now and I feel it is going to stick with me, I bought a cube (MF3RS2) and it felt great at the beginning but know it feels a bit more locky and corner twists do occur once in a while. Also when I turn my cube very slowly I can really feel the plastics rubbing...
  10. Shridhar

    [Help Thread] How to make my cube better ?

    Hey! Can you suggest some ways to make my Valk 3 ( non - magnetic better? The problem is that it lags too much , corner cutting is not perfect 45° and I am feeling that I wasted my money over it . I am a beginner ( PB-53 seconds ) , so I don't know how to tension the cube the right way , how to...
  11. G2013

    Optimal algorithm for 'spreading' lube around the cube

    I wonder, what's the optimal algorithm (or which ones) to spread the lube applied on the RUF and BLD (wow blind) corners? Is it R2 L2 U2 D2 F4 B4 D2 U2 L2 R2 (10 moves HTM)? Of course slice moves count as 2 moves in the HTM. The final state must be a solved cube. The algorithm must spread the...
  12. D

    How to lube your cube

    In my most recent youtube video I show how I lube my cubes. I generally like them gummy, but still with a good amount of speed. If you are interested about how I do it, you can check it out here.:)
  13. C

    Keeping cubes unused for a long time

    Hi! I am new at speed cubing. Good speed cubes are hard to get here, so I purchased several cubes and plan to keep 2-3 cubes in my stock (unused). So if any of my main cubes start having problems, I can get one from my stock. However, my cubes come pre-lubed (I don't know which type of lube) and...
  14. B

    How to use CRC silicone spray on cube?

    Hello, I just bought some CRC heavy duty silicone spray. I just want to know how to lube my cube with it. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  15. BurntTheCube

    Lube Mixtures

    I've seen threads about spring swaps but the search bar yielded nothing of lube mixes. So please post what lubes you mixed (including brand and viscosity rating) and how they preformed. I'll update this post with the mixes below: 30k Traxxas w/ few drops of maru = Not good 1/2 lubicle speedy...
  16. A

    [Video] FangShi ShuangRen Assembly & lube tutorial

    Hi! This is my second video of the Fangshi Shuang Ren cube made by funs puzzle.
  17. nuclearbigdaddy

    Shengshou 8x8 Lubing and Tensioning

    I recently received a Shengshou 8x8 and I know the mod you can do to it. But I was wondering how you guys lubed and tensioned yours. I loosened mine quite a bit seeing the pieces didn't stretch much at all and lubed it the way Convinsa lubed her 7x7 and 6x6 with Lubix. Do you guys have any...
  18. T

    How many people would be interested in buying a worked on Guhong?

    If I where to have a Guhong II and thoroughly and carefully mod it with many successful mods out there, lube it with my lubix, and sticker it, how many people would be interested and what price would you recommend it sell for?
  19. solved

    Blaster Lube Question/Story

    So, sitting in my room is a can of "Fabulous" B'laster Silicon Spray lubricant. It claims to be safe on plastics. I have a single cube, a nice ghosthand 1. It turns pretty well, but I still think I should lube it. Anyway, I bought a can of this lubricant at a local hardware store (I couldn't...
  20. R

    Lubing Shengshou 5x5?

    i just got some 50,000 wt Diff oil for lubing... OH MY GOODNESS ITS AMAZING! but anyway i was going to lube my 5x5 with it and realized i don't know where to start... do i just do a 45 degree offset with all layers and put it on the corners? or disassemble? i feel like i could mess this up...