1. highnickk

    What is the fastest kilominx method?

    I'm thinking of getting into speedsolving the kilominx, and I'm wondering if there are any methods that are faster than the beginners/layer by layer method.
  2. ProStar

    Race to Sub-X on Kilominx

    The old one died :) Every monday I will post 12 scrambles for a Kilominx race. Everybody can join in. Just post your goal, times and average. You become a graduate when you meet your personal goal for 3 consecutive tries. Either set goals of whole or half seconds, not something like 45.374...
  3. GAN 356 X

    Best kilominx?

    Currently there are three kilominxes available on the cubicle, the Meilong kibiminx, the cubestyle kilominx, and the Shengshou one. I bought the Meilong one recently and my first impressions was that it was very catchy and hardly corner cut. So, which one is the best?
  4. GAN 356 X

    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Since I forgot to add so many things, I decided to make a new one.
  5. Juqe

    Kilominx Full Last Layer / CLL - help

    Hey, since I have not found any Algorithm-Doc for Full Last Layer on Kilominx, i created my own. I got 73 of the total 196 algs, I tried to use a lot of already existing OLLCP/ZBLL-Algs, but I also discovered some on my own. Currently I am running out of ideas for Algs, therefore I'd be very...
  6. iLarryTheOneLung

    Mini Personal Competition!

    The competition will be closed in a week and I'll post the results! This is a competition kind of like the forum ones, but it only has certain events, listed below: 2x2 3x3 Pyraminx Skewb Redi Cube (Moyu/csTimer scrambles) Kilominx Post your times with a reply and please use the scrambles...
  7. VIBE_ZT

    I Made A Magnetic Kilominx. Sort Of.

    So, I put magnets my ShengShou Kilominx. This is MK. 1 of this experiment. And I consider it a success in some ways, and a failure in others. It was a success because it is almost fully magnetized. The pieces do attract correctly. I used 90 3x1mm N35 magnets. Which, spoiler alert, is the...
  8. VIBE_ZT

    Trying To Magnetize A Kilominx

    Hi, I am new to this website. I joined because I have an interest in trying to magnetize a Kilominx, but I am unsure if it is a viable idea. I decided that I would be able to reach a larger group of cubers via this website. I am planning on using a Shengshou Kilominx, and I think the best...