1. luckysolve

    4x4x4 (no notation) tutorial

    I made a successful 3x3 tutorial with no notation so now i have a 4x4 tutorial with no notation this is meant for beginners. it's not fast, it just gets the job done in the simplest way to understand. unique approach.
  2. Kudz

    Kudz's 2k16 CFOP things..

    Hey friend, what's up? Okey, so I made this thread to give some ideas/links/etc for some newer ppl, and just for self to see how much I have progressed This thread will be only about CFOP, with time I'll try to make it full CFOP guide (for now only links to things I like) This might be helpful...
  3. scorpion24

    5x5 example/walkthrough solves

    Here I made a video showing three 5x5 example or walkthrough solves: It's in spanish but I didn't put subtitles as they would just be "And I see this red piece and this piece, and to this..." As of the video's date I'm averaging 1:45 minutes. Hope you like it :)
  4. SoySauS

    Pyraminx BLD Method

    While the most efficient way to solving Pyraminx blindfolded would be just to 1-look the solve, I'm not good enough at Pyraminx to do that, so I devised this Pyraminx BLD method. When you get the puzzle, put it into your orientation by finding the 3 tips that contain your F face color; orient...
  5. Parity Case

    New PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles

    Last night, I finished putting together a downloadable PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles. It's a PDF containing internal hyperlinks for nonlinear use. The algs I curated are a combination of: (a) algs I've come up with, either on my own or by using Cube...
  6. PixelWizard

    A new breed of tutorials - How to solve the Rubiks Cube

    Hey together :), I recently thought about advantages and disadvantages of text-only and video-only tutorials. So I thought about creating a mix of them and this is what I came up with: English - How to solve the Rubiks Cube German - Wie löst man den Rubiks Cube? The navigation through the...
  7. WonderDrow

    Cube 3x3x3 first 2 layers (ambidextrous)

    Hi cubers. Here's a guide with the different cases for the first 2 layers of a Rubik's cube on a single printable page. cube_3x3x3_first_2_layers.pdf Comments are welcome.
  8. polikarpos

    New solution guide in Greek (pdf format)

    Hi everyone I recently compiled a guide for solving the 3x3x3 cube in Greek. It's in pdf format and explains in detail several solutions ( orienting last layer, LL corners first, LL edge first) for solving the cube layer by layer. In each step several methods are used both for amateur and...
  9. R

    CFOP Last Layer Guide

    ** The guide that was posted here I made for my own use but thought I'd share with others in case they found it useful also. It seems it doesn't contribute anything new for people, so rather than put up a potentially confusing guide I am removing it. Thanks to those who read it and made...
  10. filipemtx

    Algorithmic F2L Guide

    I made this guide to show how to solve F2L agorithmicaly. It teaches the fundamental F2L cases (R U R' and R U' R') and how to transform the complex cases into the fundamental ones. Note that it don't show the AUF between the complex and the fundamental cases so you have to have learned the...
  11. RageCuber

    (JOKE) How to solve a Rubik's cube

    (THIS IS A JOKE) Hello all, come check out a 3x3x3 guide I posted on my friend's channel!
  12. Noahaha

    BLD FAQ (Do yourself a favor and read this)

    As someone who reads a lot of random posts/comments about BLD, I am somewhat annoyed by seeing the same questions over and over and over and over and over again, so this is sort of a beginner's guide to stuff that you should know about BLD and not ask questions about. I'm going to start with...
  13. vince

    A Roux guide for beginners

    Hi, I learned CFOP but since the first days I've been interested in Block Building Methods. Recently I decided to learn Roux too and in order to memorise the steps of the method I collected images and simple algs in a document. I want to share this pdf hoping someone else (a beginner like me)...
  14. Cubenovice

    Guide: Human Thistlethwaite Algorithm for Fewest Moves - HTA for FMC

    Those of you following the FMC results in the weekly comp or the example solve thread may have noticed an increase in my FMC results. This is a result of my quest to explore the limits of Human Thistlethwaite for FMC. I have now had a few sub 40 solves with a best result of 35 HTM. Here's my...
  15. Deweyspunkis

    Hey guys I just need some tips on where to start!

    So at the moment i'm pretty new to speed cubing. My record right now is 1:17. I use the standard method that comes in the booklet with the cube. I'd like to know, what strategy do you guys use to achieve like 12 seconds? I would be fine with doing it in 30 for now xD I also don't know what that...