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4x4x4 (no notation) tutorial

Christopher Mowla

Premium Member
Sep 17, 2009
New Orleans, LA
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I like the simplicity of your tutorial. For the edge-pairing process, where you chose to use the "an edge parity" pairing alg to pair all dedges, I did the same thing when I was first solving big cubes. I made a written guide in 2008-2009 showing how I did it and expanded it to larger cubes. 3x3x3 Reduction Solving Guide

I've been wondering if I should make a tutorial showing this, but I guess you beat me to it!

Regarding the parity cases, that's good as well.

BTW, I like the program you used. Too bad it doesn't work properly on my PC (it shows a black cube/no stickers) no matter what.:(